Social Media Marketing and its Types

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Social media marketing is a dominant way to promote your business and reach customers. It’s a platform where you can make followers, discover new ways of marketing, reach prospects and customers and learn about different brands.

There are no specific types of social media platforms. You must know much social media marketing like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and others.

If you know the proper use of this platform, you will get remarkable success, and not less; you will drive leads and sales.

Type of Social Media Marketing

You will never be disappointed by any social media site because each has its unique marketing style. So here is the list of the social media marketing that will surprise you with their way of advertising.

  • Media sharing networks
  • Review networks
  • Social networks
  • Discussion networks
  • Blogging and publishing networks
  • Sharing economy networks
  • Airbnb and TaskRabbit

Social Media Type with the Examples

In this article, you will receive the benefits of each social media marketing platform which will be a great indicator to target your advertising efforts. Wikipedia is also a social media platform, and Wikipedia writing services will assist in marketing strategies with the help of Wikipedia experts, but it’s not for marketing.

Wikipedia experts can assist you in boosting your marketing strategies through their Wikipedia writing services.

Wikipedia experts can help you in social media marketing through their unique Wikipedia writing services.

Media Sharing Network

Media-sharing networks allow storing and sharing multimedia files such as photos, videos, and music with others. This network is excellent and enjoyable both for personal use and also for professional activities. 

YouTube and Pinterest

 YouTube and Pinterest are the most popular media sites, and everybody loves them. YouTube is mainly used for entertaining goals, but it can be effectively used for business purposes by making your business channel and posting an explainer video about your company. It’s an easy way to attract your audience.

Currently, 459 million users are there every month on Pinterest. It’s a creative site and a perfect platform to present your business. Recently it’s been updated, and you can post videos as well; as it’s popular among the users, you can use this video platform.

Review Network

Knowing about the services of any brand or company is essential, and research says that 87% of users read reviews online. It’s essential to keep up to date and encourage your existing customers and visitors to publish them. There are some sites where you can keep your reviews about the products and services.

Help and LinkedIn

To get reviews from your clients and if you want to attract new customers, register on yelp, which is very simple, and the result is significant. LinkedIn is also the best professional network for big enterprises; you can use LinkedIn as a blogging platform to inform your customers about the latest updates. The best thing about this network is that users can use enhanced filters to find any business they need.

Social Network

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The most well-liked social media networks are mentioned below for a successful business and to attract potential clients to build a community by providing the services.

Facebook and Twitter

These two platforms can improve your marketing. You only have a strong presence on these platforms as Facebook ads efficiently attract new customers, and Twitter is not just about blogging. It’s more than a blog; it’s the best communication platform and short messages that carry a complete idea. 

Discussion Network

A discussion network is meant to talk about different ideas and themes in many words, which may create topics in different formats and a way to upload any content you need for your content marketing as a marketing tool.

Reddit and Quora

Quora and Reddit are the discussion networks for content distribution. Among other marketing tools, both are the best sites to attract new clients with the help of your content to approach professionally. You can write on any topic.

Blogging and Publishing Network

Blogging and Publishing Networks allow you to attract a relevant audience and build your expertise with customer loyalty.

Medium and Tumblr

These blogging platforms are funnel tool for marketing as it helps to represent individual writers and company representatives. You can produce your content with detailed research that a more extensive audience will notice. The best part of Tumblr is that there is no need to write a post. You also can use memes for marketing.

Sharing Economy Network

Sharing economy networks means sharing your product and services, finding clients to buy and sell, and sharing your goods through networking. As a sharing economy network, it serves one business niche like house renting and car sharing.

Airbnb and TaskRabbit

If you are going on a trip, Airbnb will help you find the best place to rent a house for a trip, and TaskRabbit will help you find a specialist for house routines. These business networks are where you can get reviews and earn money. You can register here as an independent contractor or as a contractor.

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