Benefits of Monthly Car Rental in Dubai

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Rent a car Dubai monthly benefits are offered to the customers for their convenience. Rent a car in Dubai will provide you with personalized service. You can make a reservation online or by calling the customer care number. You can also book your vehicle online and pay through bank transfer or credit card. Rent a car Dubai offers various kinds of vehicles including Mini, SUV, MPV, Van, Truck and even Ambulance Car.

Choose any Type of Vehicles

You can choose any type of vehicle according to your requirements and needs. You can also check out the rate schedule on their website which provides you with different rates based on your preference and location. The company has more than 3000 locations in over 100 countries worldwide which make it easy for people to find their nearest rental outlet.

Choose Any Location

You can choose any location from where you want to rent your vehicle and drive back home safely without having any issues with traffic jams or parking fees etc. You don’t have to worry about anything as they provide free insurance coverage for all types of vehicles from accident-free mileage policy and Excess Protection Insurance on all vehicles up to third-party liability protection.

Rent a Car Dubai Benefits

You can enjoy the benefits of renting a car in Dubai if you have some extra money. These include free insurance, free fuel, and free maintenance for your vehicle. You will also get free parking at the airport and free parking at malls, hotels, and restaurants. Are you looking for a cheap car rental service in Dubai visit and book your dream car now!

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Free Pick Up and Drop off Facility

If you want to move out of the city or if there is an emergency then we can help you out with our free pick-up facility. You can book any vehicle from our fleet and get it delivered back to your destination safely at no additional cost!


How Many Miles can I Drive in the UAE?

The standard driving distance in the UAE is 210 miles per month. You can drive up to 300 miles if you have an approved driving license for a foreign car, or you have a rent-a-car card that gives you an unlimited mileage allowance.

Can I Use my Own Insurance?

Yes, but only if it covers the car you are renting and all passengers in your vehicle. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to buy insurance through the rental company, which is usually more expensive than buying insurance separately.

What’s the Difference Between Daily and Weekly Rates?

Daily rates are cheaper than weekly rates because they cover fewer days of driving over a period of time—for example, if you’re renting for one week, then your daily rate will be cheaper than if you were renting for two weeks but covering one additional day each week (i.e., two weeks at one day).

How much does it Cost to Rent a Car in Dubai?

Rental cars in Dubai range from $50-$110 per day depending on what type of vehicle you want to rent and how long you plan on renting it for. They also have a minimum rental period of 3 days which starts at $50 per day minus any applicable taxes and fees charged by their company or airport authority (if applicable).

What are the Benefits of Renting a Car in Dubai?

There are many benefits of renting a car in Dubai. The first benefit is that you can save up money for your trip by not having to pay for transportation. Another benefit is that you can use the car as a means to explore the city because it will be yours, not someone else’s. You will have access to all of the features and amenities of your vehicle, which include GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, and automatic emergency braking systems.

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