8 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online Easily – Startup Guideline

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Selling clothes online is a very familiar concept nowadays. Online cloth selling is one of the most profitable businesses for the youth as well as for women. This online cloth selling requires some specific platforms. On these platforms, the seller can easily sell the clothes to consumers. The best places to sell clothes online can be referred to as those sites that give you the highest return as a seller.

In this writing, we will break down the topic of the 8 best places to sell clothes online easily and offer you a thorough insight into the 8 best places to sell clothes online from home, considering a startup guideline.

8 Best Places to Sell Clothes Online

There are many platforms where you can sell your clothes. The top 8 sites are given in this article for your convenience.


Poshmark might be an important online shopping destination over here. This website helps you to have control over your sales. On this site, you need to take some photos, set a price, and upload them to your specific account, which is moderated by you. Thus, this is one of the best places for selling clothes online.

This platform is quite easy. Because you can get your work done in less than one minute. You can take pictures and just add that to your closet. You can share and promote listings in themed, for example, parties, and consumers can make you an offer from that listing.

But you also have to know the part of a negotiation. Poshmark takes a 20% flat fee, regardless of how much profit you make. The benefit over here is, that the shipping is easy because buyers pay $7.45 regardless of the size of the item, and as soon as something sells, you will receive a prepaid USPS label. Pack your box with any supplies you have, and send it off using the post office’s free shipping supplies. Once the buyer has approved the purchase, the money will be automatically released into your account.


This website is great for cult brands and antique clothing. Furthermore, this website is accessible from anywhere in the world. This provides platforms for both mobile apps and websites. And the platform takes a 10% fee on each sale. That makes depop one of the best places to sell clothes online.

Depop allows you to purchase and sell garments by building a community of potential customers. It is well-known for selling Instagram-favorite products. Furthermore, anyone may use this free program, which has led to its enormous popularity.

Both the vendor and the buyer must join up and create an account with a bio and a picture—people purchase from people, so be kind and approachable. The picture creates a huge impact over here. So you get edited pictures by the clipping path company.


Tradesy is a women-owned company. The goal of this company is to make selling simple. Create your listings and use their unique tools to promote your sales, such as free image enhancement, which they claim helps things sell up to 25% faster. You may choose your pricing, or they can recommend one based on smart data and facts. A fixed commission fee of $7.50 is collected for transactions under $50, and 19.8 percent is deducted for transactions over $50.

Classic legacy labels like Louis Vuitton and Prada are among the favorites, as are more modern names like Staud, Ganni, and Nanushka. One benefit that sellers appreciate is that the buyer pays for delivery, and you can request a free Tradesy shipping kit, which includes branded packaging, a prepaid label, and everything you need to send off your wares in style. And tradesy works in this purpose for you.

The RealReal

If you want to sell your old branded clothes, then the realreal is the best place for you to sell clothes online. They are the only secondhand firm that authenticates every item they sell and are regarded as the industry leader in luxury consignment. Hundreds of specialists and brand authenticators every day examine thousands of products, including gemologists and even watch enthusiasts. It’s one of the reasons their 20 million members trust and buy their upscale offerings.

The commission is calculated on a sliding basis, so the more you sell, the more money you make. For starters, your earnings will be determined by the price of your item. The price could be anything $145 or less gives you 40%, $146-$195 earns you 50%, and so on.

While you do not influence the pricing of your item, you may schedule a video chat or email a local agent to verify whether the site would take your products and obtain an estimate on how much they will sell for. You may then arrange for a home pickup or drop-off or get a free shipping label to send in your items.

The greatest thing is that their crew will do all of the legwork for you, including photographing, measuring, writing descriptions, selling, and delivering the goods to their new homes.


This website, vinted, is a massive online clothing marketplace with millions of members. It is similar to Depop in that everything goes. To sell, submit your products, establish a price, then mail the items after they are sold. It is ideal for everything but works best for expensive high street businesses. It does not levy any fees, but purchasers are charged one.

As with other second-hand clothing platforms, anything you bought lately but doesn’t fit is far more likely to sell than stuff from a few years ago. The best aspect of this online cloth selling platform is, this site is that you may search by brand name without spending time.


This platform gives you the opportunity that you’ll be able to offer anything there. This makes eBay the best place to sell clothes online. But it can too be your destruction. The key to great trade is attempting to discover what individuals are looking for. Discover specialty markets or requests, and make postings that target key look terms.

This charges around 12.8% on all deals and a settled charge of 30p per arrangement. In expansion, a 35p posting charge for any postings over the free month-to-month stipend of 1,000. There are too two offering choices to go for.

The choice of purchase presently allows you to set a non-negotiable cost, but buyers can put offers in case you prefer a sell-off. This may cruel your dress offer for a part more than you’d envisioned.


The thredup is like a nearby dispatch shop that buys your dress. You’ll be able to offer regular adapt sorts of dress over here. The method is exceptionally straightforward here, you send stuff and the location gives you cash in return. It can be said, the best place to sell clothes is online.

First, select from two free ways to send in your dress. Print out an emailed shipping name, which you’ll be able to join to a box. Or ask to have a labeled pack sent to you, which may take up to two weeks to be delivered. Note that thredUP has tall quality guidelines. Dress must be naturally washed and unused or like modern, with no harm, signs of wear, or modifications.

For a dress that is accepted and recorded for the deal, thredUP will pay you a rate of the ultimate offering cost. That rate is more for pricier things. For illustration, you’ll gain 60% to 80% for the dress that offers for $100 to $199.99, but it is 5% to 15% for those that offer $5 to $19.99.

On this site, we can see that a ghost mannequin service is being used. You can get those services from the clipping path company.


Tradesy.com may be a commercial center that offers a dress for ladies. It is more like a conventional online retailer. Concurring to the nitty gritty information on Tradesy.com, you’re dependable for taking photographs of things. However, the site will assist in improving the quality of the most shown picture. You, too, give a nitty gritty depiction and set the cost. When making a posting, you moreover select a shipping method.

As for expenses, Tradesy takes $7.50 on each exchange beneath $50 and a 19.8% commission for all other purchases. Like numerous other affiliates, you’ll recover your profit for cash or store credit. A 2.9% charge is connected to PayPal, charge card, or checking-account exchanges. In case you take store credit, you do without this charge. So, we can see that it is one of the best places to sell online clothes.


This site mainly sells dresses, shoes, and embellishments for men, ladies, and children. Swap.com’s site states that these things must be clean, without intemperate wear, and have unique esteem of at the slightest $5. Selling on Swap.com may be a relatively hands-off encounter. It is one of the best places to sell online clothes.

You fair have to be sent in a box of stuff, Swap.com costs it, and you get a cut of the profit. It’s to the as it were a location that charges for inbound shipping: $14.99 for a name to send in your box. You are to cause a $5 expense if 40% to 50% of your box doesn’t pass gather, and you pay $10 in case the location doesn’t acknowledge over 50%.

You’re paid commission after expenses are deducted. For things that Swap.com records at $8 and beneath, you win 15% in cash; for things recorded for more than $8, you gain 70% in cash but must moreover pay a handling charge. You must make at slightest $10 sometime recently being paid in cash, either by the store to a bank account or sent check. Instead of cash, you may gain more in credit toward buys.

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Premium Quality

Clipping path CA offers premium quality photographs to you. For this reason, this always works positively in your online platform. They ensure high quality with a free trial. Thus you can check yourself whether this is good or not.


You can not fair depend on any supplier without looking at any kind of test or past works. By and large, altering companies take off their illustration works on their websites. But in case they don’t have one, inquire them for tests. Else you won’t know how effective they are and on the off chance that you’ll be able to believe them along with your pictures.

List of Services

Photoshop and picture altering may be an endless region with parcels of divisions and subdivisions. As a result, there are a bunch of administrations that a picture taker may need to agree to the photo’s request. To assist the clients in finding their administrations in require, picture altering companies give a list of administrations on their stage. Make beyond any doubt go through that list and find out in case they give the benefit you’re seeking.

Information Protection

One of the foremost noteworthy dangers to working with an editing company is the plausibility of information burglary. Pictures are considered critical information in e-commerce. In case your benefit supplier some way or another spills a select picture, that’s a gigantic misfortune for you. Not as it were will you lose the copyright of that picture, but you may moreover lose clients. It’s not a joke. So, be shrewd and select a company that guarantees to secure all your information.

For these reasons, clipping path CA can raise your revenue and enhance clothing sales.

Final Words

Offering dress from home online requires a few stages. This place guarantees the wants of both the seller and customer that will keep the seller up to the mark and offer assistance to compete within the market. We have assembled data from distinctive sources to create this article an enlightening one. Ideally, you’ll make great utilize of this data and extend your commerce online.

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