6 Best Audience Engagement Tools

6 Best Audience Engagement Tools

In today’s digital era, conducting events is becoming more popular in the business world because of its power to reach wider audiences and spread brand awareness. Many businesses started to use this as a strategy to introduce their business to the broader community.

However, there are still many event marketers who have difficulty engaging audiences during events in an effective way.

Fortunately, today’s technology has developed rapidly. You can easily hold an event and still get to engage with the audience effectively through audience participation tools. It helps your audiences interact and speak up freely in your event.

What’s more, you don’t need to take out an enormous amount of money because these audience engagement tools are affordable, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a big company or a small business. This can also be simply downloaded on your desktop or even your phone.

Here, we have picked the best six audiences engagement tools for your events:


Mentimeter is an audience engagement tool that helps users to create presentations whether in the form of slides or presentation videos. Moreover, Mentimeter also lets you get real-time feedback on various kinds of events.

Attendees can quickly receive feedback through Q&As, polls, quizzes, and other interactive features included in the presentation. Mentimeter can also immediately visualize them in graphs that are easy to see.

Interestingly, you can ensure your audience’s opinion about the topic and their understanding of the material given. That’s why this is a great tool to engage with your audiences during the event presentation.


Glisser is another tool that helps to enhance your audience’s experience through an effective system of presentations, which can get a little tedious. Moreover, Glisser allows audiences to share their thoughts freely related to the event’s themes.

With Glisser, you can use it for event feedback, quizzes, live polling, and so on. You can also quickly gain insights and statistics from events to understand various indicators, such as session effectiveness, engagement rates, and even participant enjoyment.

Event Scribe

The event Scribe is another tool that offers a variety of features, including Q&A sections, comments, and connections via a private social networking platform. Interestingly, it also gives an excellent opportunity for audiences to view and annotate presentation slides.

Moreover, Event Scribe lets your audiences get the best experiences in the event through social networking features that help your attendees to communicate with other audiences. It can be a great way to increase audience engagement.

Lo Quiz

Lo Quiz is a must-have tool for your business event because it helps to make your event whether offline or online, to be more cheerful and fun. This game-based tool helps event marketers create fun and compelling games for their audience.

This tool is the ultimate gamification platform to spice up your attendees’ day. You can start by picking free game templates and adding the mission. Lo Quiz is an excellent way to make your audiences involved and active participants in the event.

You can also customize the game’s rules and create your own event rules related to your topic, brand, or even your company’s culture. It is applicable during your event for an icebreaker in the beginning or middle of a presentation.

Crowd Mics

Crowd Mics is an alternative tool that you can use on the audience’s phones as microphones. It can be helpful when you hold an event on a forum or any event that needs a roaming microphone. CrowdMics can be used in a forum, live podcast with an audience, etc.

crowd mic

The tool works in conjunction with an ATOM box that plugs into the venue’s wired network and sound system. Meanwhile, the moderator needs to use an iPad app interface to control who speaks. Crowd Mics also provides polling and comment features.

Engage Now

Engage now allows you to design eye-catching polls and tests that empower viewers to communicate with the wide screen during events. It is another excellent way to keep your audience’s attention and improve audience engagement during your event.

Engage now offers a feature where you can gather questions or open chats to let your audiences speak up and interact during the event. It suits best for debate events or an event that needs discussion sections.


Focusing on audience engagement has become a priority in every event. Engaging your audience at your event is relatively easy these days since there are great tools to help you improve audience engagement.

That way, you can get the best out of your upcoming events and bring you an inch closer to your goal. You can start to include the six audience engagement tools mentioned above in your events.

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