Google Reviews in Hospitality Industry – a Complete Guide

google reviews

Google hotel reviews impact today’s hospitality business. In fact, Google overtook in 2018 as the website with the most hotel reviews. There are simply too many hotel reviews on Google, with over 30 million, for hotels to ignore. Therefore, hoteliers must understand how to utilize Google reviews to offer guest services, promote repeat business, and persuade visitors to book and stay.

People in the hospitality industry can use google reviews for their benefit by displaying them in multiple ways. So let’s not only understand those ideas but also understand Google reviews and how you can extract them.

What are Google Reviews?

Through Google’s “Google Reviews” service, real customers of a company can share their thoughts and experiences regarding the company’s goods and services.

Additionally, Google is one of the most widely used sources of information for businesses, making these reviews crucial & significant to a brand’s standing, development, & income prospects.

These reviews represent how customers think, perceive, or interact with a specific company.

For instance, Google reviews will enable you to share your experience publicly if you purchase shoes from a neighborhood store in your city. You can express your opinion regarding the product’s dependability, caliber, material, adaptability, affordability, customer service, and a wide range of other performance indicators.

Google Reviews in the Hospitality Space

The hospitality industry, containing hotels, resorts, and vacation spots, places great emphasis on the customer experience, which significantly impacts customers’ decisions.

Customers now invest in experiences when selecting hotels, resorts, and other accommodations and want the best experience for their money.

Although you can draw people in with deals and promotions, the hospitality sector relies heavily on word-of-mouth and referrals from previous clients.

So, in your hotel lobby, waiting areas, reception, etc., show Google reviews from your existing clients on social wall. Hotel social wall will demonstrate existing consumers’ positive experiences and satisfaction.

How to Leverage Google Reviews?

Google reviews are not just for feedback from customers, but they are also a powerful marketing tool.

Showcase Google Reviews on the Website

When you have several Google reviews for your company on your Google My Business page, you can use a widget to display them on your website. This allows potential clients a quick and simple way to learn what other customers think of your company before they decide to buy.

Several widgets are available depending on the content management system (CMS) you’re using. Make sure your chosen one is appropriate for your website’s platform and aesthetic.

Most providers offer tutorials or customer assistance that can assist you if you’re unsure how to add a widget to your website.

Positive Reviews to Reduce Booking Cancellation

Consumers would book a hotel if they notice that other customers have had good experiences with it.

Including testimonials and hotel ratings in your checkout process is one of the simplest methods to boost client confidence.

Ensure reviews you add to product sites or checkout processes are detailed and emphasize the qualities that matter most to your customers.

Start with your most recent reviews or those from customers who have previously made similar bookings if you’re unsure which reviews to highlight.

Leverage Best Reviews in Retargeting Campaigns

Including customer reviews is one approach to increasing the effectiveness of your retargeted ads. This social proof will remind potential consumers why they were first interested in your hospitality venture, which may be just what they need to make the booking.

Customer reviews are a simple method to provide social proof to your retargeted adverts and raise click-through rates. However, it is a powerful method of boosting conversions when done correctly.

Spend time reading your reviews to choose the ones influencing your target market the most. Then, begin experimenting with different review locations in your advertising until you discover one that is most effective for your hospitality business.

Benefits of Google Reviews in the Hospitality Industry


Local SEO Visibility Improvement

The regular positive involvement on your Google My Business profile will favor your SEO strategy, which is a less well-known benefit of Google Reviews. In particular, an improved presence on Google Maps will benefit your local SEO marketing plan.

Trust Building

As more media is publishing surrounding hidden agendas and a lack of transparency from some of the biggest organizations, consumers want to deal with brands they can trust. In addition, consumers frequently conduct extensive research into businesses before making a purchase, so your Google Reviews are the ideal location to start developing brand trust.

Increased Website Visitors

Your website will start getting more visitors due to higher brand trust and increased visibility through local SEO. Research is always the first step in any purchasing process. The more you can stand out from the competition with excellent Google Reviews, the more likely clients will click through to your website.

Wrapping Up!

Google reviews are not only for feedback; they serve as a brilliant marketing tool. We recommend you take advantage of the growing trend to display Google reviews on screens & at venues in the hospitality industry. These reviews offer advantages such as trust-building, brand reputation management, driving financial success, etc.

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