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Transit Mixer Trucks

What is a Transit Mixer?

Equipment for transporting ready mix material or concrete to the construction site from the concrete batching plant is a transit mixer. The transit mix is filled with water and dry materials. There is a spiral blade present within the interior of the transit drum. The interior blade usually follows two directions. The drum is filled with concrete in the clockwise direction and during the concrete discharge out from the drum, it moves in the anticlockwise direction. With a transit mixer, the concrete is in a liquid state during the drum rotation on its own axis.

Specifications of Transit Mixer

The manufacturers have been equipped with the best specifications that make the transit mixer the best equipment for the industry. Here are a few specifications that make the concrete ready mix an easy resultant.

  • The lowering and lifting of the rail system are with four heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders.
  • There are six rail wheels four in the rear and two in the front.
  • It has a single imported hydraulic pump.
  • High torque hydraulic motors are two in number for powering up.
  • Has a fail-safe pneumatic brake along with a separate hand brake for a back bogie.
  • The power take-off is separate is of an enhanced grade that provides undisturbed power to the hydraulic system in a direct manner from the truck engine.
  • 25km/h speed
  • Affordable and easy maintenance through a chain drive.
  • All operations with wired/wireless remote.

Has a water tank capacity of about 450 liters, and a water pump outlet of 400litre/minute. The transit mixer has a nominal capacity of 7.0. CU.M and two rollers.

Features of Transit Mixers

Transit Mixer Truck on a road

The manufacturers make sure to provide the best transit mixers with unique quality and the best functionalities. They manufacture transit mixers that possess spirals and drums for long life. They develop user-friendly operations in transit mixers. During the discharge of concrete mix, they ensure and avoid wastage. The motor and hydraulic pumps are assured of high-class quality. The transit mixer company has equipped hardened rollers that enhance reliability along with a cover that avoids dust. There is smooth rotation and concentricity with the presence of a machined ring.


The transit mixer company makes sure to implement all the features for easy and quality use of the concrete. The above features and specifications assure clients with the best quality concrete directly to their site. Clients are hence recommended to hold hands with reputed transit Mixer companies for quick delivery and quality concrete mix. A mini transit mixer is available for use from many manufacturers.

They provide service round the clock that is reliable under any condition. The affordability and on-time delivery are the best facets of the transit mixer company.

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