Top 5 Growth Tips for Instant Lead Generation

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Leads are the people who have an interest in buying your products or using your service. Lead generation is the process of converting the public to your potential clients. Any startup depends on the success in generating new leads which can eventually decide the growth of the startup enterprise.

Lead generation is one of the most important bases for building the future of the company. Many traditional methods are being used to increase leads. Marketing, sales, and drives, all are focused on increasing the same.

With strong competitors in and around your circle itself, it will be hard to cling on without strong and lasting leads. Hence, it is important that you come up with innovative ideas to stand up against the throat-cutting competition put forward by others. Bangalore is considered the silicon valley of India.

Also, It is the home of many startups in India. To combat the competition, it is important to find the best Digital Marketing companies in Bangalore to help you find the best leads in case you don’t have an in-house team.

Updating your mailing list, reaching out to them, and presenting them with a call to action have been the tradition lately. Well, getting the email ids of your targets to need updated techniques, reaching out to them should not seem to be desperate and the call to action must be natural.

Here are 5 Growth Tips on Instant Lead Generation

Hosting the Webinars

Hosting webinars on popular platforms can be of great use to establish the vision of your company.
The popular platforms that can be used are:

  • Zoho webinars
  • Click Meeting
  • Adobe Connect
  • Any Meeting
  • Go To Webinars

The webinars can deal with the theme of your startup, and the major technologies or convince them of the need of buying your product.

Provide maximum publicity for the webinars on all social media handles with a direct link to the registration portal.

The webinars will be attended by the people who will be totally into the product or who might have come on curiosity. The content of the webinar must be of high quality so as to convert the latter too into the former. The attendees will be the mouth of publicity for the second-degree audience.

Q&A session must be open and clear about the topic and must provide the platform for the audience to be interactive and eager about the webinar.

Allow users to log in using google, yahoo, etc instead of filling out long forms. This would help you cater your services individually, not in a group. More customers by limiting the amount of information they will have to put in.

Homepage Messaging

Homepage messaging is the core starting portion that can contain images and text which might be the first one that every visitor reads. Few websites make it so grand that anyone will tempt to click and visit the page. But what if the visitor doesn’t understand the messaging?

The major difference between a lead and a bounced visitor lies in the effectiveness of the homepage messaging. The messaging must contain the whole theme of your business and must not confuse the potential leads.

With at most 15 seconds that an average reader spends on your website, it lies on your shoulders to convince the readers of the need for your business and the usefulness of the same within this short window of time frame.

Leads are interested in knowing about the business rather than fancy UX which can invoke random visitors actually. Hire the best companies like Ralecon, Rank Hawn, Webchutney which understands your business and tailor the services.

Irresistible Offer

Bringing an irresistible offer in front of your viewers will generate a lot of leads for sure. These offers, when put in front of your clients, must be so irresistible that they will have no option other than to assent to the offer.

When you present an offer, make sure the offer is relevant to your clients, scarce, and in high demand. The demand can also be increased by providing the product only to a few people in the beginning. The privilege of getting those offers can tempt them to sign up, give away the information or do the necessary to be enjoying the same.

Sharing is Caring

Always remember to display the share buttons near the end of your content, site, or any piece of information. It can urge them to share the information they’ve found relevant on the social media handles that you give options for. It can increase second-degree leads for you. You can also add an invite–friend form near the share buttons.

sharing & caring

Also, ask your present clients to share their reviews, and about the product. This is important because the chances of people trusting the clients who have used the product once are very much larger than the chances of people trusting the producers themselves talking about the product.

The Closed Section before Sign Up

Different versions of this tactic can be used. If the content is to be made available in complete mode, put up a sign-up as an agreement. The completed article must be a reward.

The sign-up can be used to add them to the newsletter subscriptions, email lists, etc. Also, a part of the content can be locked which will be unlocked only after signing up. The closed section can be made available after inviting a friend. This can ensure more active subscribers as they are direct from the first-degree clients. It is always important that you keep your sign-up page above the fold of your website. You can also provide your clients with extra goodies or giveaways with each new subscriber they bring in.

The aforementioned growth hacks can be used to instantaneously increase the lead generation for your startup. These are few and the tips and tricks are always suited in different ways for different businesses.

So, innovative and out-of-the-box thoughts are always welcome for the growth and success of a startup business.

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