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Presentation of private security companies and legislation the role of a security company is to provide the company which employs it with permanent, regular, or occasional services, in order to control access and to protect the premises of the company, property, and people.

Need for a Security Company

A security company intervenes as a service provider in the prevention of intrusions, damage, theft, and attacks.

Surveillance and security activities are regulated. Registered in the trade register under code APE 8010Z (Private security activities), private security companies must hold authorization from the CNAPS (National Council for Private Security Activities). The managers of a private security company must also have a managerial license issued by the CNAPS. It should be noted that security companies are not authorized to carry out audits, nor can they offer the services of hostesses and receptionists.

To ensure optimal safety in the workplace, the goal for service providers is, therefore, to define with the customer the means to be put in place, and the action procedures upon which are based.

One of the main categories of services offered to the client to ensure corporate security and which is very effective in protecting property and people is to set up a security system consisting of one or more security guards. Security guard services orange county.

Benefits of Security Services

The advantages for companies of having recourse to a human surveillance service are numerous: the agent on duty has an important mission as regards access control because he will have to filter the entries and prevent unauthorized persons from entering the premises. Then he will inform those responsible as soon as he sees anything that seems suspicious to him. Agents secure staff as well as visitors and the public.

Dealing for the security

They Protect Businesses Against

  • Intrusions
  • Vandalism
  • Fires
  • Burglaries
  • Flooding
  • Material degradation

On the other hand, the agent on duty must only control the area under his responsibility. If he wanders outside the limits of this area, he risks leaving the goods in his care unattended (this can be a diversionary maneuver on the part of malicious people).

The missions of security guards are varied. The agent is present to prevent an intrusion and will carry out security rounds to verify that the site is secure (doors and windows properly locked …). In the event of an intrusion or fire alarm being triggered, the agent will remove the doubt to verify the origin of the trigger and notify the main managers of the site in the event of a break-in or material incident. If a burglar passes in front of a motion detector located in the buildings, an alarm siren will notify the security service, which will take the necessary measures in accordance with the instructions discussed with the customer.

The security guard must ensure that the means at his disposal are operational if necessary: intrusion alarm system, video surveillance system, etc. If trained as an SSIAP fire agent, the agent on duty can also ensure the proper functioning of the fire safety system (SSI).

He must be able to complete a handbook and draw up anomaly reports which will be given to the client so that the latter can remedy the problems encountered as soon as possible.

The different types of security guard

The security guard is stationed in companies to prevent intrusions and to monitor and protect, for example

Construction Sites

  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Car parks and shopping centers

He can also be on assignment at event locations such as:

  • Concerts
  • Fairs
  • Large gatherings

There are several services in the security profession and each requires specific training.

To become a security guard, you must first have a professional card.

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