Essential Checklist for an Interstate Move

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Are you planning an interstate move? While moving to a new house brings a lot of excitement, it is a stressful roller coaster too! You have to put in a lot of effort, including planning the move, straight from making a checklist, packing to seeking cost-effective ways. Further, you need to host a garage sale, transfer all of your essentials, discontinue the utilities, and pack up your earthly belongings and get them all from end one to end two. These factors make moving interstate a complicated process.

But it is possible to make your interstate move successfully without losing your temper. Here is a complete interstate move checklist to help you conduct the move hassle-free and to get from “We are moving!” to “We are home!”

Make Your Weekly Moving Checklist

The best thing to do when starting your moving organization is making a timetable for a fast-approaching move and stick to it. You should start your moving process at least six to eight weeks before as the major part of your move has to be done prior to the move-out date.

Planning your move eight weeks before is usually the time when you start arranging the exact steps for an interstate move, and you find good cost-effective ways in the process as well.

Are you ready? Let’s jump in!

Six to Eight Weeks Before the Move

Find a trusted moving company: It is always good to contact a reliable moving company as soon as you decide you are moving. Pick the one that can take the best care of your inventory and your needs while offering a reasonable price.

Decide what to Move: Take a house tour to know what to move and what to donate or sell. Since moving prices depend on the weight, you can consider selling items that you don’t need.

Make a List of things you want to keep: You surely urge to buy new upholstery and décor items that will make your new house interiors the way you have craved for. Create a list of items that you want for your new home. Do not purchase anything until you reach your new home and make a list of what things you want to keep and what to discard. This will help you to plan ahead.

Have your Kids Involved too: Moving can be hectic for the whole family, especially children, but finding interesting ways to engage them in the process will make a move convenient. Let your children help pack their books and stationery and personal possessions and have them enjoy their own fun time.

Four Weeks Before the Move

It’s four weeks left; your moving house schedule must be extremely busy. Cancel any memberships to clubs or subscriptions to delivery services.

Start with your travel arrangements like flight bookings, gathering important documents, etc.

If you are packing some of your essentials by yourself, make sure to use good-quality cartons, bubble wraps, etc. Do not forget to label the boxes as this will be a real time-saver and make unpacking much easier and faster.

Prepare two or three boxes that contain absolute essentials you would need right after you reach your final destination.

Two Weeks Before the Move

Contact your professional removal list Machans Beach and make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Let your kids know what’s going on so they can adapt the changes more quickly.

Contact your present utility companies to finalize a date about when the services will be disconnected before the move-out date.

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It’s an excellent time to start planning your food supplies to avoid unnecessary wastage.

Do not forget to check your basement, attic, and garage, as these areas always need more time to be cleaned.

Seven Days Before the Move

Hopefully, you are on the right moving timeline! You have seven days left to start a new journey of your life.

Pay your remaining bills prior to the scheduled move-out day and keep the receipts with you in case you want them later.

It is the time when you should start disassembling big furniture pieces like beds, dressers, desks, etc. with the help of professionals.

Two Days Before Moving Day

By now, there must be no packing job left. All the household items should be labeled and ready to be loaded.

Make sure the heavy electronics like a refrigerator, etc. are ready to be transported unless you have planned to leave it behind.

After such a hectic packing marathon, keep the remaining packing stuff that you can reuse and recycle those that are not worth keeping.

Make sure all your essential documents are kept safe with you. Do not have any valuable items packed to your moving crew unless you have arranged proper transportation beforehand.

Its Moving Day, Finally!

The ultimate checklist would have guided you to plan this moment. Avoid common mistakes on a moving day that most people usually make.

  • Take proper rest to avoid the inevitable mess of moving day.
  • Get up early on a moving day.
  • Take a thorough house tour to ensure nothing is left behind.
  • Make sure the house removal list is on time and let them do their work.
  • Keep all your important documents (bill of lading, etc.) safe.
  • Cross-check the accurate destination address and contact details with your moving crew.
  • Have a nice trip. Bon Voyage!

Wrapping Up

While planning a perfect move is tricky, and you need to make a massive checklist for a successful house move, quality assistance and help is much-needed to ensure everything in good shape and to have a stress-free journey.

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