What are the Features of the Dance Studio Management Software?

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Best Dance Studio Management Software, Dance Studio Management Software

Dance studio management software provides online registration, staff scheduling and payroll, and class enrolment. With parents entering their own information directly into your system, you have a single source, rather than having multiple excel sheets with conflicting details for the same family. Automated tools help you manage staff schedules, significantly reducing the time you spend on employee schedules each week. Parents can enroll themselves in the classes online, removing that task from you and your staff.

Now that you’ve unregulated up your time from doing admin responsibilities, you can invest that time in growing your business. The all-inclusive dance studio software solutions will include publicizing tools that let you market to your email list of prospective families of students. You can email them about recitals, and special promotions, or share information that reinforces your expertise.

You’ve incorporated the digital revolution to make your personal life easier. If you’re like most people, you’re scheduling personal appointments and paying bills online. Now it’s time to encirclement everything the digital revolution can offer your dance studio corporate by using a dance studio management software solution. It will be life-changing. member Centrum offers the best dance studio management software to all gym members. There’s a reason why “cash flow” and “blood flow” are analogous. Without a vigorous cash flow running through your studio, you’re stressed and missing opportunities to grow your business. A dance studio software package rallies your cash flow in four main ways:

Now that you can accept electronic payments, you can set up automatic payments with parents. Once a parent is set up, you can quickly and easily process payments each month with a couple of simple steps and the payments for their children’s classes are covered. Once you’ve processed them, they’re already in your account. If a parent is late making a payment, you can quickly send a follow-up email. If an automatic payment didn’t go through, you can quickly process the payment again and send a notification of the issue to your parents. “Through direct emails to parents, and notifications to you, you are in direct control of how money that is owed to you past the due date is managed.”

Parents can make their payments to your studio online, just like they pay any other bill. Parents can still pay for tuition, costumes, recital fees, and more via the parent’s portal with the payment method they have on file. Even if a family chooses not to have you process their credit cards automatically each month, they can still pay online through the parent portal. They just have to go in each month to pay their class balances. It’s easier for the parents and it still gets you the money faster than asking for a check.

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Where cash flow is one side of the coin on improved financial health, cutting unnecessary admin costs is the other side. Think of all the hours you spend managing staff schedules, collecting parent registration information, and keeping track of which students are enrolled in which classes. If you’re not spending the time doing this, you’re spending money for someone else to do it.

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