Bunk Bed With Stairs

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A popular choice for children’s bedroom is the bunk bed with stairs. Bunk beds are ideal solutions to a small room because of their size and ease of use. Even if your kids are old enough to walk up and down the ladder, they will be too young to appreciate the space-saving benefits of this type of bed.

Bunk beds with stairs provide children with three separate beds – one on top of the other. There is no wasted space when you consider that most bunk beds with stairs will have just one mattress on top of the other. This means that there is no need for more than one bed to satisfy your children’s needs.


Children love being able to express their own individual personality. When it comes to their bedroom, there is nothing more exciting than them deciding which bed they want to sleep in. When you present them with a choice between two beds, they are much more likely to go for the bed with stairs because it offers them the opportunity to transform the room. The idea of having a bunk bed with stairs is to create an opportunity for them to make their bedrooms look more interesting and appealing. Most bunk beds with stairs will feature a lot of different designs to provide your children with as many fun options as possible.


Because most bunk beds with stairs will be quite tall, you may have to purchase a trundle so that it will be able to lope along the floor easily. Most trundles available for purchase will feature either a pullout mattress or a slide out mattress. Some of these mattresses even feature trundles underneath them to help you transfer the bunk bed onto the trundle easily.

If you are not planning to use the trundle effectively, you may want to purchase two mattresses instead of one. This will ensure that you have enough beds for your growing children without the need for purchasing a new bunk bed with stairs.


The ladder on your kids bunk beds with stairs is also important because many children hate to climb. Even if you have stairs in the bottom of the bed, they are probably going to be steep. Because of this, you should make sure that your ladder is sturdy and comfortable enough to make climbing on the bed a comfortable experience. You can do this by buying a ladder that has safety handles on the top. By keeping the ladder sturdy, you are better able to keep your children safe.


Another consideration is the material that your children are going to sleep on. Most children prefer to sleep on a bunk bed made out of a soft, colorful blanket. You may even be able to find themed beds available, which are perfect for children’s birthday parties or sleepovers.

You should also keep in mind that you can purchase a bunk bed with stairs made from two different types of materials. One type of material will be made of a soft, comfortable material while another type of material will be made out of a thicker, sturdier material. If you don’t like the idea of your children climbing up and down the ladder, you might want to opt for one of these two types of bed.


The number one orders  about triple bunk beds is that they tend to collapse if something is spilled on them. If you are going to use the stairs in your bunk beds, you will need to make sure that there is not a spill of any kind. If you don’t feel comfortable with spills, you might want to consider a fabric that is more stain resistant. This is far less expensive than having to buy a new bunk bed.


Once you’ve considered all of these factors, you can start looking at the various beds to choose from.

In many cases, you can select one that matches the style and decor of your bedroom. There are metal bunk beds that fold away in the bottom so that you don’t have to worry about your children’s climbing up and down the ladder. Others have stairs that run along the side of the bed.


Some of these bunk beds come with built in desks or bookshelves. You may also be able to purchase a separate dresser and nightstand, which can be useful for your child’s room. No matter what your needs, you can find great bunk beds with stairs that will be suitable for your children.

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