Build Financial Calculators on WordPress site


If you offer financial services related to lending, insurance and similar things on your website, then you should have a special calculator there. This tool allows users to calculate the amount of payments on debts, the amount of earnings on deposits, build a schedule of payments on mortgages, etc. To implement this functionality, you will need to look for a freelancer with programming knowledge or install the Calc Finance plugin, which will be discussed today. 

This special “All in One” solution includes 12 different calculators at once on all relevant topics in the financial sector. For example, for lending this:

    • interest rate calculation
    • calculation of a monthly payment
    • balance of payments on the loan



  • determination of the total number of payments
  • indicators when paying every 2 weeks (2 times a month)
  • credit amount
  • global calculator

In addition, there are tools for calculating:

  • deposits
  • Mortgages
  • car leasing
  • CTP (RF)
  • VAT

In principle, they should be enough at first, although it should be noted that this list is constantly expanding. In addition, if you purchased a license, you can offer certain modifications to the existing module or a new calculator – completely free! Examples of their display are available on this page.

There are different forms: simpler for simple tasks and with many options. Among the elements of forms there are: drop-down lists with parameters; “Sliders” for more convenient setting of values; switch blocks affecting other fields; buttons for calculating and resetting data, etc.

Main advantages of Calc Finance

  • firstly, of course, a large variety of tools;
  • easy installation anywhere on the site via shortcodes;
  • Dozens of design options: colors of elements, backgrounds;
  • the ability to prefill certain fields;
  • quick copying of previously created objects;
  • building tables and graphing;
  • export to PDF in the most complex forms (with watermark);
  • Insert ad code
  • templates will appear soon.

Create a calculator using Calc Finance

If you have been working at WordPress for more than a day, then the Wp Calc Finance module will not cause you any problems. After the purchase you can download the corresponding archive.

  • Calculators – a list of all created + add new button.
  • Settings: front-end language, currency.
  • License (key entry).
  • FAQ – information about the module.
  • Description of the latest updates.

To create a new loan calculator, go to the first paragraph of this section, where we click on the “Add” button. A drop-down list appears on the page with a choice:

After determining the type of object, click “Next” and go to the settings.

There are both functional parameters and those relating to the appearance. Mandatory are marked in red – name and currency. Additionally, you can:

  • select a custom title
  • include printing in PDF + set a watermark for the document
  • add graph output and data reset function
  • set background colours, frames, buttons + font size
  • customize form fields.

Do not forget to click “Save” at the end. By the way, it’s convenient that already created objects are allowed to be copied – so, if necessary, quickly create a group of pages similar in function to the pages.

If so, then on high-quality freelance exchanges this is only 1-2 hours of the programmer’s work. Here, with Wp Calc Finance – All in One, you get immediately 12 ready-made financial calculators for loans, insurance, deposits, etc. All of them have many settings + they can easily be added anywhere on the site. The offer is really beneficial, especially if you have a corresponding task.