Bribe offered to journalists by Penny Appeal CEO’s PR man


The publicity and press manager of the most influencing Muslim British charity Penny Appeal attempted bribing a senior Asian British journalist to write stories against Adeem
Younis, originator of penny appeal charity.

It has been unveiled that Pedro Carvalho of FNIK PR met a Pakistani journalist on behalf of
Aamer Naeem, Penny Appeal’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and OBE receiver, gave the
journalist classified information to write slanderous stories to humiliate the charity’s founder in the tug of war between the CEO and founder.

An inquiry reveals that Pedro Carvalho has met with no less than eight journalists after the
stratagem at the charity which saw adeem Younis being removed by his own charity’s CEO
while me adeem was in mid-air returning from an event in Pakistan. Pedro Carvalho is the
right-hand man of the Penny Appeal’s CEO and he has notoriously told various journalists
that he was speaking and meeting them on account of Aamer Naeem.

Pedro offered bribes in the form of trips abroad stuffed with money, hospitality and
extravagant ventures to journalists in the near future in return for writing nasty stories on
Adeem Younis.

Soon after Pedro appeared in front of these journalists, no less than three different
publications wrote stories on Adeem Younis making allegations against him. These stories
published details of the row inside Penny Appeal which were known only to Aamer Naeem,
Adeem Younis, and few others. A source inside Penny Appeal has shared that Pedro was
asked to meet and maintain the media members who sent questions to Aamer Naeem OBE
and Penny Appeal regarding the coup at Penny Appeal.
Pedro Carvalho offered to pay for the journalist’s travel in business class and promised to
look after them well. He narrated these journalists that they should write stories to “destroy” Adeem Younis. He told these journalists that Adeem Younis was involved in fraud and corruption while Aamer Naeem OBE was trying to guard the charity. He told journalists not to write anything on Aamer Naeem and reassured them that he was acting on behalf of Aamer Naeem.

It has been publicly reported that Adeem Younis was told at Manchester airport when he
landed back from a trip to Pakistan that he was no longer allowed to solicit entrance into the penny appeal Offices and also barred him from speaking to anyone.

Since then Aamer Naeem is at the center of critical bullying, harassment and intimidation
allegations following grievances launched by numerous senior executives who were
tormented in the Muslim charity’s office.

Penny Appeal confirmed that a number of senior members of the charity have launched
unusual complaints that Aamer Naeem allegedly controlled over campaigns of targeted
harassment, including efforts to completely drive people out of the organization in an attempt to cover his management failings.

One female employee of staff was reduced to tears and embarrassment on numerous
occasions told one trusted source at the charity.

Aamer Naeem was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) medal in the Queen’s
2019 New Year Honors list. Penny Appeal had said at the time that the award has been
given for work to “Muslim Community Development”.

Adeem Younis is known as a serial entrepreneur who founded Single Muslim site at a young
age and turned it into a big success. It’s claimed that the site has helped to facilitate over
110,000 marriages. In 2018 Adeem Younis won Charity Chair of the Year award at the Third Sector Awards. Earlier this year, he was recognized by then Prime Minister Theresa May for his “exceptional service to the charity sector”.

According to the Charity Commission, Penny Appeal’s income for the financial year ending April 2018 was £24.6m, 75 percent of which is spent on charitable activities.