Brain injury clinic-Several treatment options

brain injury clinic centre
brain injury clinic centre

The brain injury program provided by brain injury clinic centre includes various kinds of treatment options which depends upon the condition of the injury whether it is severe or mild. It will depend upon the signs and symptoms which the person is facing so that the particular type of treatment can be finalized. 

As the most common treatment option, the clinic centers provide mild traumatic brain surgery. The staff of the clinic will include multidisciplinary specialists, who will include the neuropsychologist along with physical medicine and rehabilitation providers who will collaborate to enhance the overall process so that disability can be limited. 

 Following are some of the treatment options: 

– The neuropsychology: When the patients have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury they can experience various kinds of behavioral changes. The neuropsychologist will help in providing various evaluations. It will also help in understanding how the injury has affected the behavior and mental processes of the particular individual. Proper standardized procedures are to be followed depending upon the mild to the moderate condition of the brain injury. The results of cognitive testing and processing speed are also undertaken to make sure that all the recommendations along with treatment are correctly made to the individuals so that they can perform various kinds of normal activities, for example, reading and driving.

-Undertaking various rehabilitation programs: This program will start on the very first day of admission and will continue until the discharge of the individual. Such programs are also customized depending upon the needs of the individual patients. Under this, the rehabilitation staff works with the individuals and provides them proper focus with the daily activities for example eating, walking, improvements in speech, consideration and developing of various other strategies so that positive results can be seen. According to a study, approximately more than 90% of the people who suffer from brain injuries have been admitted to the rehabilitation programme and the average length of stay was more than 11 days. Under the further bifurcations, approximately 11% was the physical therapy, 9% was the occupational therapy and approximately 14% was the speech therapy per patient.

The rehabilitation program is also undertaken with the proper compliance and following of strict requirements of the hospital programmes so that they can provide comprehensive services. 

-The mild brain injury clinic: This option will help to provide proper follow-up and evaluation along with care for the individuals who have had their mind-brain injuries. The staff also includes various people from different fields and collaborates all together to limit the disability. The mild traumatic brain injury can include loss of consciousness, testing of various scans, diagnosing of the injury to find if there is any change in the mental status and various other things which are included in this. 

The brain injury cure has to follow proper rules and regulations so that disability of the individuals can be minimized. It should also be based upon proper research and clinical trials so that the recovery process of the patients can be effectively enhanced.