Bette enamel steel baths


Bette is a German-family brand founded by Henrich Bette and Gunther Schlichtherle in 1952. After working for two years, the company started its in-house technology division and produced quality Bathroom-ware products. Since then it has been sixty years with Bette setting lofty standards for sanitary ware products, redefining material design without compromising quality. The major product of the brand since its foundation is bathtubs. After years of making excellent baths, Bette extended its product line to include shower trays, washbasins, and complete bath solutions.

They make Bette baths and all from enamel steel, the material that is always fascinating for washroom-ware. Infusing design possibilities to enamel steel material, Bette is providing a range of baths in a variety of sizes, styles, and colours. If you are looking for a bath to enhance the elegance of your interior, choose a Bette bath to ensure quality with elegance. They add permanent brilliance to the surface of a Bette steel bath with coated BetteGlaze technology that gives a brilliant, finished surface. Working with the best designers of their niche to design products that support functionality whilst enhancing the aesthetic value of a bathroom interior is the secret of Bette’s unique and elegant designs. Inspiring aesthetic value, easy installation, and comfort in use is Bette’s signature. Transform your average bathroom into your dream bath by having a Bette steel bath installed which will add an original, embellished, and sophisticated warm look with comfortable use.

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Bette provides not only stylish products but also promises the durability of enamel steel coated with BetteGlaze with a stunning white brilliant finish. These baths last much longer than acrylic ones. If you want a stylish bath high in quality, easy to install, and comfortable to use, choose a Bette bath. Bette’s reputation as one of the top brands manufacturing fine steel bath is for its innovation in bath designs. A vast array of dimensions and bath models in variety of shapes and sizes ranging from rectangle to oval with added functionality and options is a Bette baths specification. You can choose the bath style and shape that suits your bathroom space and interior. A Range of Bette baths is available to buy at where you can view all the Bette steel bath range (Bette Classic, Bette Form, Bette Duett, Bette Hip, Bette Ocean, Bette Labette, Bette One and more).

What design to choose?

While Bette is providing a range of enamel steel baths, all unique and beautiful, it would be a not an easy decision to choose from. Here is a little guide for you to choose a bath design and shape according to your needs and bathroom space.

Straight baths:

It is the most popular bath that will fit into space, making it the best option for your bathroom where space is the concern. You can also add a shower to your bath.

1 straight bath

Shower baths

If you do not have a separate space for a shower and bath but you want to have both in your bathroom, go with a shower bath.

Shower Bath

2 Shower bath

Freestanding baths

A Freestanding bath is the best choice to add style with a luxurious design to your bathroom. Bette provides both contemporary freestanding baths and sleek modern designs, choose whichever suits you most.

3 Freestanding bath

Corner Baths:

Corner baths are a convenient way to maximize the use of bathroom space. It can neatly tuck away in a corner space that would be otherwise unused.

Corner Bath

4 Corner baths

When you buy a Bette bath, do not forget to have it installed by a qualified plumber to get your 30-year guarantee!

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