Best Way to Make Vinegar – Hurry Don’t Miss it!

Best Way to Make Vinegar

It is very easy to buy a bottle of vinegar from online as well as offline stores. But how much satisfying it is to make your own vinegar at home.

Many people claimed that homemade vinegar tastes far better than the bottles of vinegar that you buy from markets. In addition, you can even add more flavours such as spices and herbs to it, if you want. Isn’t it amazing?

But making vinegar at your home is not a simple task. You need raw materials unfiltered to start the process of making vinegar.

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What is Vinegar?

It is an output of alcohol fermentation to generate acetic acid by bacteria. Vinegar has a tangy flavor because of acetic acid. This ingredient (acetic acid) makes vinegar useful for household cleaning.

To make vinegar to drink and use in recipes, you have to add ethanol. You can take an extract of ethanol from several processes such as whiskey, water, red wine, vegetable juice, honey, beer, fermented sugar cane, apple cider, and many more.

Best Way to Make Vinegar – Hurry Don’t Miss it!

It is obvious that you need perfect vinegar in the first attempt itself. Here is the list of ingredients that you need to make a perfect vinegar.


  • Hard cider or 710 or 24 fl oz of beer.


  • 350 ml 12 fl oz of wine
  • 350 ml 12 fl oz of distilled water
  • Vinegar starter mother (You can make this at home or buy from any of the stores).
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Homemade Vinegar Recipe: 

After collecting all the above ingredients, you are ready to start the process of homemade vinegar.

  • Add alcohol to the prepared jar: 

To make vinegar you can take even the old wine bottle. But make sure you choose wide-mouth glass jars. Then wash thoroughly the glass jar properly.

Now fill the glass with the boiling water but the jar should not be cold. With warm water, you can also rinse the jar if you want.

As you already know that vinegar is formed by bacteria which turns into alcohol into acetic acid. Make sure you don’t use tap water rather than use distilled water to reduce off-flavors.

Then use 8 fl oz or 240 ml of wine or 470 ml or 16 fl oz of water. Instead of wine, you can also use 710 ml or 24 fl oz of beer or hard cider. To reduce the ABV, you need to dilute the water properly.

  • Add ‘Mother’ and Store the jar:

The Mother consists of bacteria that are required to convert ethanol to acetic acid. It is like a glossy appearance floating on the surface. Vinegar starter is also known as “mother”.

Pour 350 ml or 12 fl oz for liquid vinegar. Then after pouring the vinegar, you have to steal the jar with cheesecloth or paper towel and a rubber band.

You need to use operable material so that air can pass through it. Make sure you don’t let the uncovered. Because dirt may get into it.

Between 59 to 94 degrees, the vinegar conversion will take place. But the perfect temperature is 27 to 29 degrees. So, pick this temperature.

Keep in mind not to shake the jar for at least two months. You need to keep the jar alone for 2 months.

  • Testing and bottling The Vinegar:

Now after 2 months of waiting, take the rubber band out. Then you have to take some vinegar out with a straw without disturbing the vinegar. Taste the vinegar to check its thickness.

Then recover it again for the next weeks of fermentation. Make sure you check your vinegar after every 1-3 weeks until it meets your satisfaction.

You have to eliminate the gelatinous blob on the surface and then transfer it to the next jar.

Then pour the vinegar into a saucepan and heat it in a medium flame. When the temperature rises above 140 degrees, let it cool to room temperature.

Now put the vinegar into the jar again. You can use a filter or funnel as you wish. Make sure you don’t use room temperature pressure, preservation, or canning. Your homemade vinegar is ready to use.

The Final Thoughts

Now your vinegar is ready. For a unique flavor profile, you can try a maple vinegar. It has a very good flavor that will encourage you to use it again and again.

Many people prefer to make vinegar at home rather than buy from online or offline stores. It is because homemade vinegar is free of chemicals.

Vinegar has a very rich flavor that you can use every day in your daily life. You can also add other flavors if you want to make your vinegar more amazing. Here you go! Follow the methods to make your vinegar.

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