Best Travel Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram to Get Inspiration


Who doesn’t know the feeling of just laying down in bed and going through Instagram? You have often come across many people traveling around the world, living the dream you aimed for. Don’t you just envy those people for enjoying such mesmerizing sceneries and places? However, in this period you get to feel the happiness they must be feeling with classy traveling pictures.

We have compiled a list of thrilling and adventurous travel influencers to follow on Instagram. They will not only bless your feed with exceptional images but also give you some fine tips and techniques regarding traveling around the world. They’ll tell you about the things to pack, places to visit, cuisines to try out, shop like a local, etc. These accounts have been followed by thousands of users and will get you stunned. So, whether you want to hit the beach or want to trek up the mountains, this blog is just right for you! Moreover, you’ll get some exciting tips for taking your perfect snaps on every trip.

Lauren Bullen

The first traveling influencer account that made it into the list of our top travel influencers is Lauren Bullen with 2 million followers on Instagram. She has maintained her standard within the gold category of influencers on Instagram, setting a milestone by which people measure other influencers of her industry. Her account revolves around well-versed aesthetics and stunning solos, letting many other users copy her style and follow every move. She has every element of being an influencer combining photography skills, locations, and well-transformed narratives, calling out to follow her.

Andrew Gunadie

Another Instagrammer that deserves to be on the list is Andrew Gunadie. He gained immense fame through his YouTube channel that he used for vlogging. He is also famous for his viral songs especially among teenagers, making a song known as Canada, Please, collaborating with Julia Bentley. After yielding a bit of fame, he switched to Instagram. He also debuted on a different Travel channel only meant for traveling called Hit Me With Your Best Spots. He travels all around the world on that channel telling all his experiences from food to shopping which makes his Instagram account worth following.


Another Lauren has been enlisted as a prominent travel blogger with the account girlgoneabroad. Lauren Carey is a solo traveler having trekked at every mountain, dived from every cliff, and swim on every beach around the world. Pictures on her account are proof of how enthusiastic and adventurous she is in terms of traveling. She has listed his favorite memory in Peru going to Rainbow Mountain. She has colored her Instagram account with exceptional aesthetics. She also adored Thailand to be her ultimate go-to place. She has been in this field for almost 6 years.


One of the brightest Instagram accounts known for the gorgeous theme is Angie’s thelovelyescapist. She is the leading figure within the traveling world who has traveled for more than 20 countries around the globe. She is known for traveling to somewhere new every month and depicts her experiences through her Instagram accounts. She offers you a high-quality travel essence boosting your inspiration. She has a lot of tips in her backpack with many others that have been shared.

Karl Watson

Now the man who rocks the travel vlogging era is none other than Karl Watson. He is slaying all the previous standards with his innovative content and never-seen-before locations. If you’re aiming for a realistic approach, you must follow him as he has a lot to share. His YouTube channel offers many applicable and reliable traveling tricks that you can use for traveling worldwide. For your daily boost of travel knowledge and inspirations, Karl Watson should be on your following list.

This account is our favorite fueling the wanderlust of many travel-freaks. Nadine has emerged as a prominent name on Instagram with his unique content in her account named This account is a must to follow for every teenager with her fanatic and aspiring pictures including a different view to see the world. She won’t be giving you those average snaps, instead, you’ll remain in awe after going through her account.

Cameron Lee

When it comes to traveling Cameron Lee is the name to be followed without thinking twice. His account is a mix and match of traveling experiences and slice of life. He has managed to combine his travel life with his house-life. His account depicts majorly his aim towards a practical approach. He knows all the elements of tempting users and will make you pack your bags and book your tickets immediately. You will get all the insiders and tips about the perfect and luxurious side of the traveling life experiencing every bit just through your phones.


Last but surely not least, we have added the famous British twins, Claire and Laura to our list. Being everyone’s favorite they have managed to represent the cozy side of the snows to the refreshing aspect of the countryside just through their account. They have realized many of us to explore the beauty within the places we live and that you don’t need a heavy load of bank balance for traveling. They haven’t been to many places yet explore so much that was previously hidden.

All these influencers know a great deal about attracting people who are passionate about traveling and influence them for the better. You may know all about traveling however the best can guide you with the side you are still unaware of. So, whether you’re hitting the beaches of Bali or spend the night in Dubai desert safari, we would recommend going through these influencer accounts.