Best Tips for Choosing Right Designer Anarkali Suits Online


The elegance and magnificence of Indian ethnic wear stand supreme in women’s clothing since time immemorial.

The extraordinary designs blended with exquisite prints, embellishments, and fabrics elevate the Indian silhouette to an undefeated level.

Indian ethnic wear’s versatility spreads across many choices; however, the most sought after piece of clothing in recent times is Anarkali suits.

With the change of time, these traditional Anarkali suits have also received a twist in design with experimental cuts and contrasting colors.

Designer Anarkalis come in different prints, patterns and hues, so it is essential to know which style will suit you the best.

The e-commerce sites offer elegant and luxurious Anarkalis that go in line with the beautiful Indian traditional textures.

Other than that, online stores give you the benefit to go through multiple choices which may not be available in offline stores.

As there are countless options available for Anarkalis, you should know the tips and tricks for picking up the best out of all.

We have prepared a list for some of the best tips to choose the right Anarkali suits online, so click here to know more about them.

Pay Attention to Neck Cuts

In Anarkali suits, the neck is a vital part of the design as it draws attention to your physical features. The neck is also a center spot where detailed embroidery, embellishment and other intricate work goes on.

If you have a petite height, then a “V” neck or a wide-cut neck will give the illusion of a longer neck and will make you appear taller.

For women with a moderate height, you can go with a round neck or a turtleneck Anarkali which will look best on you.

Select the Fabric Carefully

There are a thousand options for designer Anarkali suits for women; however, choosing the right fabric is vital to get that perfect look. If you buy the suit online make sure to read the product description carefully to have an idea about the material.

If you have a curvy body, then it is best to avoid heavy fabrics. Weighted fabrics like brocade, silk etc. add an extra layer making you look even rotund, instead georgette, chiffon, net or crepe work best with such body types. Women with a slim body can go for heavy fabrics like silk and brocade.

Choose the Right Length

Length is a significant game-changer for any outfit; it is a matter of concern for Anarkali suits as well. Anarkalis are available in different lengths from midi to long flowy ones.

Tall women should go for floor-length Anarkalis which complement best with their height. But it is best to avoid floor-length suits by short women; instead, they should go for a knee or midi length suits and wear it with heels for the perfect look.

Choose the Right Flare

The prime feature which makes Anarkalis so popular is its graceful flares. The flare adds texture to the outfit, and it also helps to hide any concerned areas of the body.

But be careful; not go overboard with it as the flares need to suit the body type of the wearer.

If you have a slim body, you can go for some voluminous flares, and a curved body should opt for minimum flares to avoid looking bulkier.

These are some of the tips you should keep in mind while buying designer Anarkali suits for women.

Apart from choosing the right outfit, it is equally important to use the right accessories. If you are wearing a densely embroidered or embellished suit then do not avoid heavy jewelry; else you can look overdressed.

Additionally, perfect footwear, suitable make-up helps to tie up the look to present a refined silhouette.