Best Time Management Tips For Employees and Professionals


The vacation time has already begun. How to have time to do everything before the vacation and relax with a clear conscience? Today we will talk about time management techniques – time management. • Who is interested in time management • Simple tips for daily planning • What to read about time management • What are the prospects for time management in the future.

Time is one of the most valuable human resources. Previously, the lack of time was the privilege of kings and ministers, with the acceleration of the pace of life, many working people are forced to learn time management. For a better management of time in your office, we introduce you Room reservation software, allowing you to host meetings with your team in not time unlike other time consuming applications.

Who needs time management?

The one who is focused on effective work and getting results. Who cannot just come to work or study, “sit out” or “rattle off” their 8 hours and go home to rest, that is, to all active people:

✔ Managers and business people who are building a career or their own business

✔ Freelancers

✔ specialists combining projects, several jobs or work with studies

✔ parents who are raising children without grandmothers and nannies

✔ students

✔ schoolchildren

Learning personal time management is not necessary in order to do a lot, a lot of things, but so that life becomes more organized and there is more time for rest.

Tips to Manage Your Time More Effectively

Plan and outline

In the evening, write a list of to-do’s for tomorrow with an estimated lead time, prioritize them, and draw a bold line under it. The list is closed. If there is a new case tomorrow, 99% of the time it can wait. Do not rush to a new task right away, it will harm the implementation of the current one.

Record everything you do during the day

If it’s done, happily cross it out. If you spoke on the phone – also write it down in your notebook indicating how much time you spent on the conversation. If you work from home and are distracted from your work by preparing dinner, add cooking to your to-do list. At the end of the week, you can calculate the time spent on different activities. You will clearly see if there are unnecessary things that are stealing your time. Another useful side of “total commit”: if it seems to you that you have not done anything today, in the list of recorded cases there are sure to be useful ones for which you can praise yourself.

Eliminate multitasking

Switching from case to case, from project to project, takes time and reduces your efficiency, so if there are a lot of tasks, it is better to complete them sequentially.

Don’t be distracted by social networks and your phone

Use social networks , mail and phone only for work / study, not “freezing”. Turn off the sound of notifications on your phone, and, if possible, turn them off altogether for the duration of the task.

“Eat a frog for breakfast”

It sounds French, and this is a well-known time management technique – doing the most unpleasant thing in the morning. With the regular “eating morning frogs”, the number of postponed tasks is sharply reduced, and the mood improves. Eat a frog every morning and the rest of the day will be wonderful because nothing worse will happen to you.