Best Science College and Universities in Amsterdam

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Are you looking for the best science institute for higher studies? To gain knowledge in any field, a good educational institute matters a lot. These institutes provide a strong base for students. Educational institutes provide direction of the successful path and education brings bright light into a student’s life through knowledge.

Scientific knowledge is ruling globally for centuries. Most students have an interest in science subjects due to the numerous benefits it brings in our personal and professional lives. Amsterdam has some best science institutes in the world.

Amsterdam is situated in the Western Netherlands. It is popular because of beautiful historical places, the canals, museums, bike rides, the red light district, the Anne Frank house, amazing coffee shops, and culture. Nearly 863,000 people live in Amsterdam. Every year around 4,300,000 visitors come here.

There are many outstanding private and government Science Colleges & Universities in Amsterdam for a higher degree. Consider this before selecting any university because being associated with prestige institute is the dream of every single person. Students feel proud when they study at the best colleges or universities in Amsterdam.

By studying in these universities a student can get graduated in any science dimension i.e. biomedical scientist, geologist, surgeon, microbiologist, dentist, neuroscientist, scientist, psychologist, astronaut, actuary, civil servant, and environmentalist, etc.

Top Science Colleges and Universities in Amsterdam

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There are many scientists and professors in Amsterdam who also write scientific subject blogs like and manages to teach too. It’s their passion for their profession. If you are a citizen of Amsterdam or you are planning to study abroad, don’t take too much time to decide. Take Step forward

University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is the top university in Netherland. It is popular for its educational researches. In 2020, it is ranked 62 in the world university ranking. There more than 31,000 students enrolled in it. They offer the best undergraduate and postgraduates programs to its students. There are multiple scholarships and grants available to students. Students with disabilities can also get an education at the University of Amsterdam in affordable tuition fees.

Graduate School of Social Sciences

Graduate School of Social Sciences has the best educational standards, the academic community, and international atmosphere. University aims to provide a scientific environment that helps students, staff and international scholars to inspire one another. It offers a Master’s and Ph.D. program in conflict resolution, environmental geography, political sciences, sociology, and human geography, and many other social science subjects.

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam institute was established in 1987. The motto of the university is “Better Yourself, Better Our Word”. They offer masters of Science programs in collaboration with the UK University of Brighton. There full master’s degree duration is 1 to 2 years and part-time students can also complete a degree in unto 6 years. It has a unique international study experience. University also carries out international projects research on health care, social innovation & education at the research center.

Amsterdam Science Park

Science Park is one of the most popular science institutes in Amsterdam. It is considered the biggest research hub in Europe. University has the best faculty enriched with the knowledge and researches of science. It is associated with more than 120 companies. Students can experience an ideal environment of research, education, and entrepreneurship.

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences

Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences is another well-known educational institute in Amsterdam.  This institute was founded in 1971. They offer the best humanities and social course outlines. They have experienced a team of scholars for teaching. Every year they conduct different workshops and conferences to keep the educational standards high.

Final Remarks

Every person who has an interest in the science filed must plan to study in Amsterdam. As it has some amazing science institute and best science faculty.