Best Scalable WP Hosting WordPress Hosting (2020)


In this post, I will be addressing every website owner, agency, freelancer, and all those who have to deal with high demand WordPress websites or want to be prepared for traffic spikes. I’m sure you know the critical importance of having maximum availability and uptime for your website and the main part of this huge responsibility is dependent on the A WordPress hosting platform that you’ve chosen for your website which is why you need to make sure that the hosting platform that you have can handle any types of traffic spikes at any time.

By the end of this post, you will learn about all the features that you need to look for in a WordPress hosting to be sure that your website will have high scalability and awesome performance and you will also learn about 10Web’s components that we have to ensure that every website hosted here will have greater performance high availability and scalability.

So what is a traffic surge if you’ve just launched your blog or an e-commerce website or any other website. At the very beginning, you’re almost probably not going to have too much traffic coming to your website however once your brand name becomes very famous a lot more traffic is going to inflow to your website. And in these cases, you want to have a premium hosting platform in order to ensure that it can handle all the millions of requests coming to your website and it doesn’t crash.

Whenever a traffic surge happens traffic surges usually happened either by planned or unplanned events that drive an influx of visitors to your website. Some examples of planned events can be seasonal changes discounts or simply any event that you know that it’s going to cause more traffic coming to your website and unplanned events include things like I don’t know maybe sudden media is talking about your website and then audience deciding to come and visit your website. And it’s huge opposite traffic or maybe a sudden demand for a certain type of products you never know so you want to be prepared for anything.

Now, what is scalability?

Scalability is all about handling the increased amounts of your website so whenever you need more resources for your website your hosts will automatically scale and provide them for you. Now how can you benefit from scalability believe it or not scalability is the most cost-effective choice of a hosting website. Because especially if you’re operating in an unpredictable workload and growth pattern involving business environment you will need to be sure that whenever any types of changes happening traffic wise or the need for memory it will be provided to you by your host automatically and your website will not crash at any time.

Now let’s talk about the selection of the types of hosting for having a great scalable hosting platform for your website.

The first step would be dedicated hosting. it’s one of the best ways of ensuring that any resources given to your website would scale and you will not have to share the resources given to your website with any other website. Dedicated hosting is very flexible for adding software and changing server configurations. And it is highly reliable compared to shared hosting and it is so customizable according to your needs and requirements.

Now let’s talk about that disadvantages of the dedicated hosting

One of the main disadvantages of dedicated hosting is that it is pretty pricey and it can cost you about $100 a month. For dedicated hosting can go as high as from 150 to 250 dollars a month for a managed dedicated hosting now the server updates of dedicated hosting can take you for don’t know a few weeks and the administrative tasks are pretty challenging as well and technical knowledge is needed for maintaining setting up servers performing daily tasks also resolving technical issues whenever they occur.

Now let me explain why 10Web is the best hosting platform for scalable hosting. 10Web is a managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google cloud and it has substantially lower prices and offers all the necessary features for having a premium and scalable WP hosting.

Now let me walk you through each of these features one by one. The first one is a Google Cloud now as I said 10Web as a managed WP hosting on top of Google cloud which has state-of-the-art technologies for advanced caching, backup services staging environment security. And the Power of Google cloud will let your website have 99.99% uptime all the time to have great server infrastructures and secure Networks.

The next feature is data centers. now 10Web has data centers located on four continents. And this is because they want to reduce the data transfer time between servers and users. they give you the flexibility to choose any data Center from the 8 available ones that they offer. So that you can be closer to your target user base to better-performing website. If you need best of the best website loading speed then you should go for A2 NVMe hosting.

The next one is elastic scaling. 10Web’s elastic scaling is very adaptive and it will ensure that the resources provided to your website will automatically grow with the demand of your website. So, for example, one day you have a sudden traffic surge the resources that are provided to your website will automatically grow and you won’t worry about upgrading your website.