Best Places for Real Estate Investment in Mumbai


Mumbai is a city that is very unlikely to experience a bad market in the real estate industry. The market shows great promise with steady growth and inventory spread across each sector of the city.

Mumbai is now affecting the peripheries like Thane directly with the development in the northern sector. Of course, you might not be able to find 2 bhk flats in Mumbai near Sanjay Gandhi National Park. However, you can go for Thane that borders the park to the north. Similarly, if you want to go for places to invest in the financial capital of India, here are a few places you should check out:


Bandra is one of the top localities in Mumbai that offers great residential and commercial investment options. The area provides high-class luxury and top-notch amenities for all those who can afford it. While Bandra West provides all necessary provisions needed by all residing families and bachelors; Bandra Kurla Complex is a commercial hub hosting offices, businesses, retail hubs, etc.

Along with being one of the most notable centers of the city, it’s also accessible from almost everywhere. Since everything is available in the area, locals hardly ever feel the need to go anywhere else. However, even if you need to, you can comfortably find efficient local transportation instantly.

Similarly, Bandra East is another favorite locality of the masses. Overall, Bandra provides instant access to all facilities of the city as well as the important districts of Mumbai. You can find a mid-sized living space at a reasonable price range to live in yourself or for rental yields. 

Lower Parel:

Another fantastic locality boasting of great lifestyles is of Lower Parel. Located north of Bandra, Lower Parel offers connectivity to all the best parts of the city. You can have access to the beaches and the luxury amenities of Worli Sea Face.

Furthermore, all the city’s main facilities and provisions are available at your very doorstep. You can have the top hospitals and schools that will prove to be a haven for your family. Moreover, the area also features great transit systems in its infrastructure. More projects are going to aim at increasing efficient and fast travel throughout the city.


Located along the coast of Mumbai, Worli Sea Face is the place that hosts some of the most notable families. In addition to this, many of the top Bollywood celebrities live nearby, making it a favorite locality for many.

One can imagine that even if the neighborhood is not cheap, it’s bound to always be in demand. Similarly, it’s always going to be a great option to invest in Worli’s residential market as well as the commercial one. Banks, hotels, restaurants, malls, retail centers, local markets of all kinds, and much more are available at Worli.

Malabar Hill:

Another one of the most notable localities in Mumbai, Malabar Hill stretches across a hill leading up from Chowpatty through the Hanging Gardens of Mumbai. It’s safe to say that it is one of the areas that are the most demanded in terms of real estate. Only those who come from wealth can afford the luxury that is offered in this pristine neighborhood.

The amenities and lifestyle associated with the locality are famous all around the country. Not only does it offer great landscapes, but it also provides awesome amenities such as parks, fitness centers, gyms, etc.


Juhu for Mumbai is like Miami in Florida. Life in Juhu appeals to families, bachelors, kids, teenagers, and even the elderly. It’s not only peaceful, but it also offers great attractions and top-notch amenities. Entertainment is one of the things you’ll never run out of in Juhu. You got access to Juhu Beach and all the retailers and restaurants in the area.

Step towards the inner city and you’ll find cinemas and malls that will entertain just about anyone. The accessibility of the place can be summed up with the fact that Juhu Airport is located at a comfortable distance. This is to make sure that the residential neighborhood is annoyed in the least bit with the incoming/outgoing flights.


From the northern SGNP to the southern ends of Malabar Hill, Mumbai has amazing locations to offer. Although the above-mentioned areas are a great opportunity to invest, you should also look for others. Places with great development projects such as Byculla, Sewri, Powai, and even Thane are great places to invest in. One prime example of great real estate projects is of Piramal Aranya. The project brought success to not just those who invested in it but to those who invested around it as well.