Best Cats to Keep with Dogs at Home

cat with dog

Have you ever seen a cat living with dogs? Cats and dogs are known to be the biggest enemies for over a thousand years. They can never bear the presence of each other and can never be at the same place together. Though domestic dogs are known to cooperate a little bit, but when it comes to cats, they show a big “NO”.

Still, there are a few cat breeds that can tolerate dogs to a certain extent. So if you are thinking of buying a cat that will behave with your dog, then you can consider any of the following breeds as they are not going to give hard times to your dog.


Tonkinese might resemble Siamese cats, but they are a completely different breed. While Siamese is non-friendly and proud cats, Tonkinese, on the other hand, is just the opposite of this. This breed of cat is friendly and humorous. They entertain their owners a lot and show affection towards everyone. They also go quite well with other animals including dogs.


Ragdolls are one of the gentlest breeds of cats. They have a calm nature and are highly sociable. Unlike most cats, ragdolls are loyal to their owners and never leave their sides, this characteristics resemble them with dogs. Moreover, Ragdolls loves being surrounded by other pet animals and specifically enjoys the company of dogs.


Siberian breed of cats is famous for their adventurous and playful behavior. Unlike many other cats, Siberians are not loners and require the company of other animals to stay lively all the time. They are highly affectionate towards the family members and love to be cuddled. They entertain and play with any other animal species including dogs and even the birds.

Maine Coon

Maine coons are known as gentle giants. Unlike their gigantic appearance, Maine coon possesses a very calm and gentle nature. Maine Coons have a great tolerance level that’ the reason they can even go well with the most mischievous kid.

They show some dog-like characteristics such as they will obey everything you said and will come right away on your first call. Maine loves to be around other animals including dogs and enjoys playing with them.

Norwegian Forest

Norwegian cats often get very well with dogs and even loves to play with them. But there is a condition for this, they must be provided with a comfortable environment. If the environment is uncomfortable for them, like if there is a bunch of naughty children in the house and they keep irritating the cat, then Norwegian is not going to show a good behavior even with dogs.

Bombay Cat Breed

Bombay cat is also one of the most energetic yet even-tempered breeds of cats. They love to play a lot and half of their day is spent playing with kids and other animals. Their easy and free characteristic is the reason that they can also go quite well with the dogs of any breed.

Japanese Bobtail

Japanese bobtail is a highly intelligent cat breed, this is the reason they are kind of bossy and consider themselves in charge of everything when they are around other animals. Still, the have a sweet and loving nature which is why they get along fairly well with other animals and dogs.