Best Baby G Watches for Women

Best Baby G Watches for Women

Whenever referred to baby g watches on sale, one thinks of classic design, shock resistance to ensure safety of the watch and feminine styles, right away. Compared to men, women are more into show off and boasting of their jewelry, attire and accessories such as watches. Therefore, baby G watches have given utmost importance to the appearance along with the promised shock and water resistance of the Casio g shock.

The reason is because the baby G watches are exclusively for women. However, some unisex models at the best online watch store can be suitably worn by men or kids. It is intriguing to know the fact that the Casio g shock watches are very popular among the military personnel, the police and also the members of public elite. The g shock watches are also very popular among the women, but due to large size most women abstain themselves from buying a masculine watch.

Casio introduced baby G watches in 1994, these watches were feminine models with smaller dials and ergonomic for women but having the same strength and durability as their masculine counterparts. Now turning to the best baby G watch for females. The BG5602 is a classic baby G watch though pretty big in size that is 40mm. However, the watch does not look extremely large-sized because of the smaller display as compared to the overall watch size.

Moreover, the watch looks great even on girls with very slim wrist. The watch thickness is 12mm and is lightweight so you do not feel like carrying a burden with you. Even though it presents the same level of toughness and safety, the protective case is much softer than the g shock watches. The watch is yellow in colour and extremely attractive. The display screen is also yellow in colour so as to match the outer body. This creates a blend which is so elegant and impressive.

However, the yellow display can be hard to read in some lighting situations. But this is not a problem because the backlight is the perfect solution in this regard. The backlights are very bright and illuminate the screen in such a way that it is easy to read the time in virtually any lighting conditions.

This watch is not exclusively in yellow colour, though the yellow is most popular and my personal favourite. This baby G watch comes in variety of other colors as well. From white to black covering every colour range. Not confined to this only, the baby G watch BG5602 is also packed with so many features and is of excellent value to your money spend on this timepiece.

The baby G watches are completely rugged and shock resistant. The interface is pretty easy to understand and also the functions can be learnt by anyone just under 15 minutes. And if you have owned a Casio in past there nothing new to learn. The only drawback which we found in the baby G watch was the difficulty to read the display sometimes but that has been corrected by the use of backlight LED.