Benefits of Automated PIF Manager for Small Food Businesses

Small Food Businesses

Running a small food business is not an easy task. Everyone in the food industry will already know how time-consuming the process can be. Besides monitoring and running the groundwork, you have to ensure that your organization meets all the relevant regulations.

The only way to manage it all successfully is by leaning on platforms like BizCaps PIF Manager. From streamlining data management to de-risking the terms of compliance, the PIF manager can help you with all. Electronic PIFs (V6) are designed for food businesses to save the hundreds of owners across New Zealand and Australia.

If you are a food business owner and have not heard of Electronic PIFs (V6) managers yet, you are at the right place. Here are some of the benefits of using an automated PIF manager.

Effective Document Management

If you are an owner of successful small food business, you will be accustomed to handling heaps and heaps of documents and forms. While running the company can take up all the time in your hand, managing documents will be yet another burden on the shoulders.

With platforms like BizCaps PIF Manager, you can say goodbye to endless nights of documentations. If you use the PIF manager, you can effortlessly maintain various records and documents without hassle. You can also access the records anytime and anywhere and from any device.

Streamlined Compliance Process

Running a small food business can sometimes get overwhelming. Even a slight shift from the terms of compliance can affect the company and the benefits. Manually completing the specification sheets to finish the PIF and Country of Origin Annex Form can be a strenuous process.

As Electronic PIFs (V6) are updated to be compliant with the latest ANZ Food Standards Code, you can easily breeze through various steps in the online portal without hassle. As the system has interoperable and searchable features, you can use it to collect the data required. With the data, you can quickly check the imported food control regulations, Country of Origin labeling requirements, and more.

One-Stop-Shop for Ingredient Details

A small food business’s success depends on the variety, quality, and taste of the food it offers. And the quality and taste of the food depend on the type of ingredients you use, be it local or imported materials.

It is essential to have a centralized system to manage ingredients, procedures, and recipe details. PIF manager is one such system that helps you store all the shareable data in one place, which can be accessed from any part of the world.

It Is a Secure Technology

As the PIF Manager is a cloud-based system, it comes with high-end access and permission controls. Besides offering a way to access data on the go, the PIF manager also stores them securely.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council’s authorized PIF management portals like BizCap PIF Manager also offer other services like recipe management system, resource planning solution, etc.

This is just a sample of what an automated PIF manager can do. If you are a small food business owner, it is high time you get rid of manual paperwork and incorporate a PIF manager into the production.