Bedroom Decor Ideas: Go from Nay to Yay in 8 Simple Steps

Bedroom Decor Ideas Go From Nay to Yay in 8 Simple Steps

Bedroom Decor is no longer an option, it is a necessity. It is one place in the house that you step into every single day, then why not give it a great look and feel good about it! When we think about decor, the first questions that come to mind are ‘How to do it?’, ‘Do I have the expertise?’, etc. Throw out all doubts, you are not planning a multi-million dollar deal to over think, just start with the basics and you will be able to decorate your bedroom even with the simplest of ideas. Here are 8 such steps that will make you re-decor your bedroom in quick time. 

  • Get the Right Bed

The most important item in your bedroom is your bed. Though you don’t get to think of a bed when you consider bedroom decor, it plays the most important role in your bedroom and occupies the most space. Go for a bed that will be the right fit for your room size and not something that is too small or too big. If you have a compact bedroom with less space, then a wooden storage bed would be ideal for you. 

  • Bedroom Color

In case you are thinking your bedroom color is not a major part, think again. The color of your bedroom plays an important role in the overall decor of the bedroom. Do not go for stimulating colors such as red and yellow. You don’t need expert opinion for bedroom decor ideas, choose soothing and calming shades such as blue, silver or green so that you do not catch the light. Going for a matte finish would be even better. 

  • Clean Up Your Room

Declutter the bedroom and make sure that your room is clean and tidy. This might mean changing the sheets, fluffing up the pillows and changing the pillow covers too. Remove all junk items and make sure that your bedroom has the barest minimum items. Even a simple bed along with a side table and a wardrobe with a mirror should do! 

  • Change the Lighting

Did you know that a slight change in lighting can change the complete look of your room? Opt for dim lights that can blend with the wall colour of the room. Avoid bright lights until and unless you are planning to set up a home office there! If you have a budget, go for a false ceiling. Just a matter of shifting the lights from the wall to the ceiling will give a new feel. Today, there are lots of types of false ceiling lights that are available – go for diffused lighting for a soothing effect.  

  • Rearrange Furniture

If you have more than three pieces of furniture in your bedroom, just swap their places or move your bed to another corner of the room to get a new look without spending a penny. It may look like a cumbersome task, but the new look will make all the effort worth it. Switching places is also the right time to decide if a furniture needs to be in the bedroom or not. Less furniture means less cleaning time and a neat look. 

  • Replace the Bedding

The bedding comprises the mattress, the pillows and bed covers that you use. In the case of a mattress, if the one you own is more than 10 years, then dispose of it and go for a new one like the one offered by Wakefit. In the case of pillow and bed covers, go for an entirely different colour to what you have been using so far. A fitted bed sheet is something that can give a clean look to your bedroom. 

  • Focus on the Floor

Don’t just look up all the time. The floor can also create a major impact on the decor of the room. Use a traditional designed rug or a thick shag. You can go for any design that may catch your attention. After all, who doesn’t want to touch down on a nice comfy rug on a cold winter morning?

  • Make a Statement with Walls

If you have a budget, then go for a contemporary designed wall paper in one wall of the room. There are so many design options available. If you want a cheaper option, textured painting is also good enough. To get a personal touch, take up the brush in your hands and showcase your imagination on one wall, you are sure to be gleaming with pride when you are done!

Getting professional help to re-decorate the bedroom is a great idea but remember, the person who lives there has the best ideas. It may be simple yet elegant, go for it. Nothing else is more satisfying than redoing something on our own!