Bathroom Vanity Units: Their Types and Reasons to Install


When it comes to home improvements bathrooms renovation is one of the most crucial parts and the bathroom vanity unit plays an essential role in it. When you are bored with the old bathroom, there are plenty of new ideas you can apply to redesign your bathroom set up. Among those ideas, a bathroom vanity unit can be your game changer. It is a kind of furniture that can instantly change the whole appearance and usability of your bathroom. Here we are discussing some of the major reasons why you should consider choosing these units and different types of bathroom vanities.    

Different Types of Bathroom Vanity Unit

There are many different types of bathroom vanity units available in the market. As these units can serve many purposes in the bathroom, they also come in various shapes, sizes, and designs to fit into any bathroom setups. Here is a list of such materials you can choose from according to your taste, requirements, and budget based on the material used to make them.

  • Natural Stone Vanity: These elegant looking durable vanity unit tops are made of granite or marble, or even some volcanic stones. These countertops can be a bit expensive, but they are the most durable and very easy to clean material.
  • Wood Base Vanity: These are the most traditional types of vanity units. These units give a very homely feel along with an antique look to the bathroom. These can be made with oak, cherry, teak, or any other wood. But you need to be extra cautious while wiping the water off the wooden tops.
  • Glass Vanity Unit: These are the chicest and modern looking bathroom units for the most contemporary designed bathrooms. It would help if you were a little careful while cleaning these units as they can build up stains very easily.
  • Stainless Steel Vanity Unit: These vanity units are one of the easiest to maintain materials. They are waterproof and comes in contemporary designs.
  • PVC Vanity Unit: These are the most affordable and lightweight materials. But this material is only used to make the simplest looking unit. If you are looking for something fancy, then you can avoid this one.

Why Install Bathroom Vanity Units

Enhance The Complete Appearance Of Your Bathroom

These vanity units are very useful furniture when it comes to change the look and feel of your bathrooms. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles of the vanity units when redesigning your bathroom. Moreover, the size and shape of these units will not be an issue of finding enough space to fit into your bathroom even if you have a small one. They will rather help you organize things better within the small space of your bathroom.     

Keep The Bathroom Clean And Organized

These vanity units come extremely handy in keeping everything in your bathroom organized. You no more will have to keep your toiletries here and there. That looks very scattered and messy and makes it difficult to find out things when you need them. Having a bathroom vanity unit in your bathroom makes it easy for you to make everything starting from the toiletries to the towels, comb, perfumes, etc. organized. You will find everything in one place, along with a tidy looking bathroom.    

Finding More Space Will Never Be A Problem

We store a lot of things in our bathrooms. At the same time, keeping it always clean and hygienic is also a concern. The vanity units will help you in both managing spaces and keeping it clean. You can hide the pipelines and wires behind these units. Or you can also use the small corners of the bathroom to store the toiletries by mounting small units on the walls. There are many different ideas and ways you can incorporate to maximize the utilization of the entire space wisely.

Bottom Line

Now among so many options for materials and designs, do not get confused. Choose the best possible bathroom vanity unit wisely, keeping your budget and the design and size of your bathroom in mind.