Basic SEO Overview And The Chuck Norris Effect

basic seo overview

Basic SEO overview – The old school rules of SEO. Have you ever ever wondered how certain web pages display up on the first web page of Google, Yahoo, or Bing? I’m not speaking about the paid commercials at the top of the screen or the right hand of the screen -those are paid advertisements and a subject for a future publish. I’m talking about the list of 10 results that show up under those.

These are well-known as “organic search results”, and I can assure you that they are not landing on page 1 of Google accidentally. Specific keyword searches should found a web page, and it needs two things:

Basic SEO Overview

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1) The page needs to be written in such a way that it wants to be found in Google’s top search result.

2) The page needs to be considered an authoritative document that will answer the searcher’s questions. Search engines do the best they can to mimic real social life when it comes to delivering results flingster. As I describe this fundamental SEO overview, I’ll relate it to a traditional salesperson with business cards trying to get referrals for business in the real world. A good salesperson knows that they need to put themselves in the position to be found by others. They need to cover the basics of sales.

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For example, they need business cards with contact information, they need to dress for success, they need to be available when called upon. Since there are trillions of web pages in cyberspace, the search engines will be very picky about the ten pages it serves up on the first page of its search results for any given keyword or key phrase. As a result, search engines will weed through these during each search and try to return well-written pages that answer a searcher’s question. Poorly written pages will rarely get found due to the massive competition. If you want your blog to be found in organic search results, you’ll need to learn the basics of writing a good blog post.


Similar to writing a good resume, there are some simple techniques you can learn which will help you format each post in such a way as to be discoverable in search results. While a well-written post has the possibility of showing up sometimes in search results, to show up often, it must be considered to be an authoritative document. Relating this to real life, think about those people whom you know are supposed to be an authority on certain subjects.


As a genuine estate agent, there might be someone in your office who is well known for their knowledge of short sales. As a result, people talk about this person and refer to them whenever the subject of short sales come up. Similarly, your blog post needs to be referred to by others to be considered an authority.


In the web world, referrals can be looked at as links. The more and better links that refer to a given page makes the search engines consider that page to be an authoritative document. All web pages that show up on page one of a competitive keyword search share these two things in common – they are well-written, and they are referred to by others by way of links from other web pages.

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