Zero Brokerage: What is it and Should you go for it?

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You know most of the brokers charge brokerage on your trades. Brokerage gets calculated (for all the products outside of alternatives) as a percentage of the turnover done on a specific trade. On options, it is generally calculated on a fixed brokerage amount per lot.

There are various companies emerging in the market that offer zero brokerage also. With zero brokerage coming into the landscape, the broking business is reaching new marks. It can efficiently help in enhancing the monthly revenues of the traders. In the early times, the returns used to get impacted extensively, because of high brokerage charged by different brokers.

Actually, you know what, to fascinate more investors, it is the requirement of the hour not only to introduce zero brokerage schemes but even make the whole experience of trading user-friendly and hassle-free. It is the correct time for the investment culture to prosper. However, you have to note that the zero brokerage schemes on the trade of equity are limited only to individual investors. Corporate companies, Partnerships firms, and others are supposed to pay the general rate of 0.1% or that of Rs. 20/order, the lesser of the two. Actually, the point is these zero brokerage plans are expected to help the investors at large in saving their cash and gain the utmost possible returns.

There are many benefits of zero brokerage and you can make the most of it. if you think about Who is offering zero brokerage in India then the answer is there are some good options. Once you search a little you would come across the apt brokerage that has the best zero brokerage options for you. anyhow, have a look at the benefits of the zero brokerage concept below:

No Need to Panic About the Size of your Trade

It means that you should never think or panic about the size of your trade in the realm of the zero brokerage concept.

How Many Trades did you Place?

In the realm of the zero brokerage flat monthly charges concept, you do not really need to worry about how many trades you actually place during a specific month. Whether a few or many; would not really matter to the cost.


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On a zero-brokerage concept, since the break-even point is lower, it increases the probability of a trade getting profitable.

What are the Features of ZERO Brokerage

  • One can avail advantages of zero brokerage for an unlimited period
  • The scheme has lifetime validity having no confinement on trade
  • No strings are attached to plans such as the appropriate trade quantity or capital amount.

The point is once you have the right brokerage service that has zero brokerage, you will definitely make the most of your every step in this treading world. Make sure that you compare the b brokerage services in terms of reputation, quality, professionalism, and reliability, and only then make a choice.


Thus, choosing the exemplary zero brokerage service for your trading would be a great profit for you.

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