What Should You Know About Wizzcash?

What Should You Know About Wizzcash

Most of us have found ourselves in situations where we require financial assistance or loans for specific purposes. You may need money to invest in your business, pay your semester fees, or for personal reasons. Most people usually have only limited options to choose from. Either you think of talking to your family/friends or go through ambiguous and tiresome deposit unions or banks. It is common to hesitate before borrowing or lending money within relationships. No doubt it gets a bit awkward between friends and family.

Wizzcash becomes your rescuer in your time of need, a lender who provides you with loans at flexible terms and easy payback duration. What should you know about Wizzcash? The remarkable, trustworthy services from a well-reputed online lender seem like a relief in time of need, and precisely that’s what Wizzcash provides you when you are struggling financially.

What is Wizzcash?

Wizzcash works in the FinTech marketplace as an online private company. This platform provides services in the B2C space in FinTech market segmentations. Wizzcash provides services like short-term loans, installment loans, and payday loans.

It plays its role as a direct lender or a broker, spending upon the required situation. It operates without any institutional and angel investors. Wizzcash has been in the short-term loan business and industry since 2012 but has recently discontinued its services. It has been made official through their page Wizzcash.com. Here are some tidbits of Wizzcash.

Founded 2012
ServicesProvides quick Credit/loan
LocatedLondon, England, United Kingdom
CompetitorsXtb, Creditstar Group, and WealthTrust
Operating Status Discontinued Services. Not accepting applications for loans

Wizzcash as a Lender

If your loan requirements align with any of their services, they become the official lender. Wizzcash provides its borrowers full access to communicate directly regarding any loan matter imminent. During getting a loan from Wizzcash, there is no middleman or third party. It is a direct transaction method without any commission fee.

As a Broker

In any unusual case, if your loan requirements do not resonate with Wizzcash services, then they refer you to other suitable platforms. They act as a broker who meets your loan needs with the ones who can provide you with that service conveniently.

Wizzcash recently discontinued its service and referred to MustCompare on its official website. Wizzcash is also associated with MustCompare, which is part of Emergency Cash Limited.

What problem does Wizzcash solve?

Simply, Wizzcash gives installment or payday loans, and the eligibility criteria for these loans are utterly minimal. This option is more feasible, quick, and trouble-free than any deposit loan. Wizzcash is determined to provide fast, easy, and hassle-less loans. These online-based lenders made the accessibility of loans speedy and uncomplicated for people. Their terms, without any ambiguity, are transparent and forthright.

How does Wizzcash work?

Wizzcash works on transparency, but before getting any services you will be given detailed information on what you are signing up for. Details like what the interest rate would be? What would you pay? Information about your payment total and the terms of the extended due date of payment. Here are some general working phenomena of Wizzcash choice:

  • Firstly, they are based on fast services. Accessing their services is just a new click away. Wizzcash made its services easy to access through online applications.
  • Secondly, the borrowers got the clear facility to read simple terms of use at their own pace and comfort before heading toward the application process. 
  • The online application is pretty quick to submit. Before that, a borrower has to fill in the needed requirements.

The response rate is quite feasible and within a day. If the borrowers are considered eligible for the loan, they could access the portal and proceed with the further steps.

What Makes Wizzcash Stand Out?

Wizzcash is determined to provide quality services to its customers because it understands their urgent financial needs. Wizzcash facilitates its consumers with several benefits, and its finest part is its fast, feasible, and quick services. When you desperately require a swift, manageable, and guaranteed Installment or payday loan, Wizzcash is your best possible choice.

Transparent and Honest

Wizzcash not only provides the easiest way to apply for any loan but also offers an exceptionally reliable service. They are popular because of their transparency with their customers and are given clear agreements that outline all costs without any hidden or misleading charges. Wizzcash strives to provide its customers with a comprehensive, secure, and reliable borrowing experience.

Sustainable Loan Repayment

Wizzcash guarantees a responsible lending process to its customers and prioritizes a comprehensive affordability assessment. Wizzcash makes sure that it gives enough pace to its borrowers to repay comfortably by excluding any additional financial burden.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

This online short-term loan company provides services that address industry challenges. It also empowers aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them investment opportunities. Moreover, it encourages numerous entrepreneurs to pursue their ideas, which ultimately leads to the creation of more employment opportunities in society. Wizzcash is managing significant issues in the industry by offering effortless loans. This platform is achieving these goals by serving as a supportive backbone and providing financial assistance to young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

Competitors of Wizzcash

Wizzcash believes in working on boundaryless success and having a vision that pushes its limits and generates more networks. This forum is willing to provide customers with better options along with installment and payday loans. They have conquered their journey in the FinTech industry and have made alliances that must compare to. During this success and even now they have faced top-tiring competition in the market places. Listed below are some competitors of Wizzcash who have been fluctuating on the competition bar for quite some time.

Creditspring: Founded in 2016 and hopped up the ladder of generating almost 88.6 M in funding till now. They are equipped with some strong investors like Saber and Monomyth Group. Creditspring has made its way up in FinTech by associating with legal entities such as Inclusive Finance Limited.

Zopa: Another persistent competitor of Wizzcash is Zopa they have earned the title of being the first-internet native bank and a diversified loan offering forum. Zopa has raised $882M till its first funding. Their investors are Bessemer Venture Partners, Wadhawan Global Capital, and Northzone.

Lendable: This FinTech competitor started in 2014, presently ranking 1st among the 82 competitors. This forum has earned funding of almost $276M since 2022. Lendable has 12 institutional investors and five angel investors now.

What is the difference between a Wizzcash Payday Loan and Deposit/ Bank Loans?

A few differences set apart payday loans and a deposit advance(through banks or deposit unions) the differences are based on the following terms:

  • Who makes the loans?
  • How loan is requested?
  • How the loan is repaid?
WIzzcash Payday LoansPayday / Deposit Advance from Banks
Loan Request / Serviceonline / visiting storefront locationsService is only for customers with registered accounts in bank/ credit unions.
Based on eligibility criteria
Extended due dateBanks or deposit union takes sooner than two to four weeks.
They charge directly through the customer account. In case, the loan is unpaid within 35 days the customer account can become overdrawn
Banks or deposit union takes sooner than two to four weeks.
They charge directly through the customer account.In case, the loan is unpaid within 35 days the customer account can become overdrawn

In this fast-paced world, a quick, flexible, and transparent solution for financial problems seems more appealing than time-consuming solutions. Wizzcash understood the needs of the people and generated an option that could become a better and speedier alternative to deposit unions or banks.

End Note

Any unexpected and inevitable situation can arise in your life without prior notification. During such times, you may find yourself in desperate need of a quick and hassle-free solution. When it comes to financial matters, you may find yourself unprepared if you encounter conditions like unpaid utility bills, overdue rent, being low on cash, or even facing a worst-case scenario like a medical emergency. Wizzccash can assist you in overcoming this predicament. Wizzcash provides a convenient, transparent, quick, and easy way out for its customers during financial struggles.


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