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Bali is an island in Indonesia known for its majestic volcanic mountains and serene beaches, which makes it a perfect holiday destination for those who love adventures and new experiences. The holidaymakers who come to Bali should experience the essence of the place, even in where they stay. Bali Villas are the best options for this, as it provides not only a resort-style experience but also the real flavour of the place.

There are private holiday villas in Bali, which are much better than a resort. Resorts usually end up charging visitors more even though the services they offer are less in comparison to those provided by villas in Bali.

In this article, let us discuss some exclusive facilities, services and Villa options that are available in Bali.

Villas and Varieties: Bali Villas range from the breathtaking spectacle of Mt. Agung to the idyllic views of pools and oceans. Villas at Agung are designed like a house, with a 25-foot ceiling, woven bamboo walls and sliding windows. They include facilities like a spacious living room, bathtub and a king-size bed.

There are also exclusive Bali villas for honeymooners and lovers. It will include a large bathroom that opens to the sky, with a marble tub that can accommodate two people.

Lotus ponds, a yoga deck and wrap-around decks that open to the river are other specialties of this Villa. There are Villas for every gang of friends that arrives in Bali.

The Villas will be connected to the Campuhan, a place where the river meets the sea. This place is perfect to unwind and explore with one’s friends.

Villas also provide the facility for young couples and families to have a memorable holiday. Ideal villas for this will be those with king-size beds, marble floors and a large bathroom. The Villa will also have Spotting ponds with ocean views, for the children in the family to spend their time exploring.

  1. Services available in Bali VillasĀ 

Infinity pools: Infinity Pools provide the visual effect of water with no boundaries. It is perfect for those who love the ocean and for those who prefer the safety of the pool. Every guest in the Villas in Bali can avail this exclusive service and be in and around the waters for however long they like.

Wellness: Villas in Bali also provide a lot of services which cannot be availed from a usual five-star resort. Some popular services include yoga classes, in-room massages and beauty services. They promise a trip of complete rejuvenation.

Touring Facilities: The villas in Bali allow tourists to explore the culture with the aid of resourceful tour guides. Each tourist is given importance, and there are exclusive tour packages according to their preference. Be it picnicking in the rice fields, a lazy beach day, trekking in the mountains, tour guides in Bali Villas will never have a problem in meeting every need.


Bali villas offer the bonus of having a private stay in a place bustling with tourists every day. Services are also cheaper, and the experience gained is more expensive. Villas in Bali consist of friendly and experienced staff exclusively assigned for each tourist. In most villas, there will be at least 12 people as staff: including a manager, cooks, gardeners and security men.

The culinary experience in each Villa can be personalised and will never disappoint the needs of a tourist. The uniqueness of the place and the availability of more services make Bali Villas a popular destination for all travellers.