Away from your close ones on this Diwali? Celebrate a Virtual Diwali these time!

flower bouquets

Diwali or Deepavali is much more than the most grand festival for the Indians. It is the day of light, auspiciousness, a day to remember about the bygones and celebrate togetherness with those who matter the most in our lives. This day is all about the warmth of love added with the colorful Indian traditions. No matter where you are, no matter what you do, when it is the Diwali times, the first thing we do is booking a ticket to home. We normally wear new clothes, visit relatives and friends’ places and wish each other. But who ever had thought that we would have to live with a pandemic! This year has shown us a lot of unexpected things and that may include a Diwali away from home too. If you are bound to the lockdown’s inconveniences and missing your home, but still want to feel the togetherness and festivity vibes, then we have some tips for you! Check out some ideas that will let you enjoy the biggest festival of the year in a unique way:

Conference Video call:

These days video calls have become a part of our daily life. We may skip to visit the next door but doing daily video call to see our parents, family members or a close friend is just habitual activity. So, don’t skip seeing your loved ones on this biggest day as they may be physically some miles apart but their smiling faces are just a video call away.  Arrange a conference whole family call and share Diwali wishes together.

Online Diwali Gifts: Even If you are with your family or not, sending a gift to someone is too easy these days. Exchanging Diwali gift has been an inseparable part of our traditions. So, don’t skip this beautiful culture of gifting as some reliable online gift retailers have made it easy and fun to send Diwali gifts on time. Select flower bouquets, sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, God and Goddess idols, cushions, mugs, cakes, and even indoor or outdoor plants to send them to your dear ones and wish them a happy Diwali.

Online flowers for decoration: You must be missing your mom’s very own “Diwali kisafai” and the sweet memories of your siblings and cousins when you together decorated the whole house with rangoli and flowers. You can still do it at your PG, hostel, or the flat you live in by ordering flowers online for decoration. Many online florist supplies natural and artificial flowers for decoration as well!

Some DIYs to change your mood:

DIY hacks are not only fun but it is a great escape plan from the loneliness and gloomy feelings. This Diwali, be an artist or a great influencer for some of your followers with DIY deeya making, light making, crafts from old clothes or papers to decorate your home or room. You can give the best look to your place which you can reveal on the day of Diwali. It can be your new Insta post to feel good about yourself. In this way, you can also inspire your family members, especially the younger ones and impress the elder ones.

Learn dessert recipes and share it with your loved ones:

There is no alternate of Mummy’s handmade laddoo, or any dish that is specially made on the festivals. Well, you can’t get everything at a time. But you can try your best to feel homey right? So try some good traditional dishes at home and savor yourself. Although you cant share the desserts with your family members but you can definitely share the recipe with them. So take a picture while you make it or bake it or have it and spread some sweetness in this crazy and funky way.

Decorate home with lights and memories:

Diwali decoration with lights is the most exciting thing we await on this occasion. In fact, the lighting of our home and premises starts before the day and continues for some extra days long after this festival. As we call it the festival of light, you can also decorate your room or flat with a lot of colorful lights, lamps and handmade diyas. You can go an extra mile with personalized LED lights along with some pictures of your loved ones to give it a much more home-type feeling.