Avoiding appearance mishaps on your wedding day


If there is one day when you want to make sure you look your best; it is your wedding day. With all the planning and stress involved with your big day, it can be easy to fall victim to these common appearance mishaps:

Hair and makeup

Brides and their bridesmaids should never assume that a hairstyle and makeup would look the same on them as it does in all those glossy bridal magazines. In order to look your best, make sure that you try out a style well before your big day. 

This will give you ample time to make changes so that you do look your best. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to wedding day makeup. A natural and clean look will make you look fresh and vibrant on your joyous day. Overly complicated hairstyles might be hard to maintain on your wedding day, so if you are leaving straight away for your honeymoon, a more casual yet elegant look can be a great solution.

Bad posture

While it may look cool to slouch when you are a teenager or an angst-ridden celebrity, it is not a becoming look on your wedding day. Not only does it make you look like you don’t care, it is also very bad for your back. Slouching will make your dress look poorly fitted. Why go to all that trouble for a great fit if you don’t present yourself with great posture? When you look back on your wedding photos, you will want to be standing straight and proud next to the person you have dedicated your life and love to. 

Going with a trendy dress rather than one that complements you

Have you ever looked at an older wedding picture and thought: “What were they thinking?” One way to avoid being embarrassed for many years to come is to stick to a wedding dress that complements your body type and style of your wedding, rather than the latest trend from the fashion runway. Avoid extremely revealing dresses – short wedding dresses are one thing but you want to leave something to the imagination.

Wear shoes you are comfortable in

If you have never worn 4-inch heels then your wedding day is not the place to start. If you want to wear a shoe that you are not used to, then take the time to practice wearing a similar shoe well before your wedding date so you can stand tall and walk with confidence. Keep in mind that high-heeled shoes can lead to soreness and strain if you are not used to them. Also, make sure that if you are having a destination wedding you consider your footwear choices.

Put on your best smile

A confident and broad smile makes a great wedding day picture. If your smile seems dull then you might consider the inexpensive option of teeth whitening and choose a shade of lipstick that makes teeth appear whiter.