How Avaya Headsets are Different from Normal Headsets?


We know that headsets are essential and vital for having noise-free communication with the customers. Many call centers and other offices need headsets with high-quality features to fulfill the needs of users. Avaya Headsets are one of the robust headsets. They have introduced many unique properties that have attracted a lot of users. They come with AcousticEdge technology. This technology can make them beneficial for hearing. It means they don’t affect the hearing capabilities of a user after long-term exposure. They also come with noise-blocking features.

They reduce the background noise, and the best-in-class mic can help you sound vibrant and full-bodied. Using these headsets, users can enjoy clear conversations with the customers, even in a noisy environment. They also possess an adjustable mic that enables you to amplify the headset’s volume from your side. It can help to boost the voice without affecting the quality of the sound. These features have made it the best fit for you.

Many companies are producing and selling headsets. The headsets from Avaya have attracted an audience because of their innovative and modern properties. They possess the latest technology and modern features to make sound clear and reduce the background noise. Many features make it different from others. Following are some properties of these headsets that make them different from others. 

1- Compatibility with Avaya Phones

The most crucial property of headsets from Avaya is their compatibility with Avaya phones. There are many models of AT and T Lucent Avaya phones. They are excellently compatible with these headsets. There are testing and certification that has assured that these headsets are expertly integrated with Avaya Headsets phones. They are also giving multiple benefits to customers. These benefits add value to the headset.

These headsets possess control buttons. Users can reject an incoming call, control the volume, and answer a call using these buttons. These headsets have come up with many freedom options. No other headset comes with such exceptional and unusual features. These features have very positive effects on your business. They help the employees to increase productivity and promote the value of a business. You can have better interaction with the customers. Ultimately, you can get many benefits for your business by using these headsets.

2-  Acoustic Edge Technology

We know that call center and contact center employees have to wear headsets all day. They have to make calls and communicate with the clients. They continue calling the whole day. They are significantly exposed to sound waves. Greater exposure to sound waves can affect their hearing capabilities. It is a big problem which no other manufacturer has focused on. AcousticEdge technology can help to prevent the effects of sound waves on hearing. This technology is helping all the contact center employees to stay safe while using the headsets.

Headsets from Avaya have introduced this technology. These headphones come with the latest technology to reduce the effects of greater exposure to sound waves. It can help to protect the hearing capabilities of users. This technology has made them different from other headphones. You can use them for long periods, and exposure to sound won’t affect your hearing.

3- Magnetic Quick-Connect Option

All the businesses want higher productivity and efficiency. They want to make more money by increasing profits through proper dealing with the clients. For understanding the effect of type of headset on the productivity of a business, you have to understand the nature and environment of a call center. In each call center, many call operators are working who answer calls from customers. There is one supervisor for each group. The supervisor possesses more excellent product knowledge. He can handle different business matters more effectively.

Therefore, when a call center employee is taking a call and trying a client to purchase their products, he may need help from a supervisor. Headsets from Avaya have introduced an innovative feature by which supervisors can join the call. This is a “magnetic quick-connect” feature. It helps a supervisor to join a call with the client and make sure that deal is locked. In this way, this feature can help to increase productivity. 

4- Background Noise Elimination 

When you own a contact center and your employees are taking calls, you must understand the value of the headset in the whole process. When you have to communicate with the customers, you should sound polished and vibrant. Your voice should be clear and full-bodied. It will help to enjoy proper conversation and set a lasting impression on the minds of customers. The headset must contain features to reduce background noise. Background noise can interrupt your conversation with the customers.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid noise. Avaya headphones have introduced the latest technology to block background noise. They come with dual in-built speaker systems. It helps to reduce the background noise. It reduces the unnecessary sound from the surroundings and enables your caller to hear the right words. Noise-cancelation properties of these headsets have made them different from others because it has helped to increase productivity.

5- Clear Communication 

If you own a contact center, you will understand the value of clear communication. For example, if you have to sell something, you should enjoy uninterrupted and noise-free conversations with the customers. Any interruption or flaw during transmission may lead to losses. It may affect business productivity. Therefore, you have to sound vibrant and clear while talking to your clients. You also have to hear their voice vibrantly. Clear communication can be fruitful and productive. It may lead to a decision. You can lock the deal after clear and professional communication. Headsets from Avaya can help you in this regard. You can use them to enjoy clear communication. It can help you become productive via its noise-blocking features.

We have seen how Avaya Headsets are different from normal ones. They have introduced many latest and modern features. They are the best device for long time usage. Their AcousticEdge technology has made them catchy and unique. Their noise-canceling characteristics can help to enjoy clear conversation with the customers. These modern and robust features have made them different from others.