Authoritative Ways to Report Someone on Discord

Ways To Report Some On Discord


To understand how to report someone on discord, a number of things need to be revealed. Any time people get to interact with each other, they use various mediums depending on the topic. Many times, the level of interaction may extend to a point of discord.
Whenever the red line has been closed, the victim feels humiliated or disturbed. In this condition, the victim has many options but the best of all is to report on discord.
The offender finds his or her self on the wrong side of the law once the victim has reported on discord. Even though this is the case, discord is one of the hardest reports.
On reporting, you are provided with a special form known as a discord report form. The form is then filled accordingly. Some of the offenses you can report as discord are; abusive conversation or chats, spamming, and many others.

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What is the Proper Channel on How to Report Someone on Discord?

The first thing on your list of actions is to scrutinize the chat’s content to affirm that discord regulations were violated as per This is very important because your case holds no water if you don’t have enough proof.
You definitely have a strong discord case if;
• You have been threatened through a chat.
• The offender has shared child phonographic material.
• The oppressor has tried to push you into committing suicide
• You have received spam chats
• Your IP rights have been violated
• You have been harassed

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The above are regulations set by the discord community. The regulations draw a line between what can be reported as discord and what cannot. Any case that does not have any of the said, may only be handle by an official from the discord community and cannot be treated as discord.

In cases where your case does not qualify to be reported as discord, you may have other options. These may include restricting the offender from reaching to you for instant blocking him or her. Other measures are explained in

The second point of action should be engaging the developer mode on your device. This helps you locate three essential ID codes to help on building your case. The ID codes go a long way in helping the authority in the verification of a discord chat.

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Having the ID codes is a comprehensive form of evidence. This is because they do not change even if the offender tries to change his or her IP address.
The third point of action which is the killer move is to send a discord report. With the other two steps in place, you are now set to pinning your offender. By providing your correct email address, indicate the form of discord report you have from the listed ones.
Now that you understand how to report someone on discord, you have what it takes to make the move.


Just like any other offense, discord report deserves equivalence measure of justice. Justice may never be served in the proper report is not filed.
Clear explanation of the whole incident is an important aspect when you are sending a discord form. Reporting a person on discord is a great move to preventing greater threats that could occur.

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