Mistakes one must avoid while applying for Australian skilled visas

Mistakes one must avoid while applying for Australian skilled visas

There are various skilled visas offered by the Australian immigration system. The most famous skilled visas are given below:

Skilled independent visa subclass 189

Subclass 189 is one of the most applied for skilled visas offered by the Australian immigration system. This visa permanent residency of Australia that allows one to come, live and work in Australia permanently.

One has to fulfill certain conditions to apply for this visa, for example, one should belong to the occupation listed in the relevant occupation list of this visa. The skill assessment test result should also be positive and at last, all health character and age requirements should be satisfied. Whereas, No nomination or sponsorship is required for this visa.

Skilled nominated visa subclass 190

Every Australia state requires skilled people belonging to particular occupations for employment opportunities in that state. Skilled people belonging to those particular occupations can apply for this visa subclass through nomination by state.

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To apply for this visa one must get an invitational by the department of home affairs to apply. The occupation of the candidate applying should also lie in the relevant occupational list. Age, character and health requirement should also be satisfied by the candidate. The applicant should also be English competent.

Skilled regional visa subclass 491

This is a new visa subclass that is introduced in the context of the development and progress of regional Australia. This visa subclass attracts skilled people from all around the globe to come, live and work in regional Australia. This visa is usually granted for 5 years however, it provides a way to Australian PR. One is eligible to apply for permanent residency if he or she has completed living and working for three years in the regional areas of Australia. But one also has to fulfill certain conditions.

To be eligible to apply one must not be more than 45 years must satisfy all health, character and English language requirements. The occupation of the applicant must also be present in the concerned list of occupations.

Mistakes one should avoid while applying for skilled visas

Following are the mistake one should avoid at all cost while applying for a skilled visa:

Weak bank statement

Some Australian visas require the candidate to give evidence of the fund he or she has to support travel and living expenses for a certain period. It may cause some problems in the visa application if he or she is unable to provide a bank statement showing enough funds it may lead towards the refusal of visa.

Not satisfying health and character requirements

Health and character requirements for an Australian visa may seem to be insignificant but in reality, it holds great importance. If the applicant fails to satisfy any of the health or character condition it can cause problems for him or her that can lead to serious consequences.

Contradictory information on social media

Everyone around this world is connected through digital media. The information that one provides on social media is very critical. The applicant must make sure that his or her personal information on social media is similar to the one he has provided on the application form. Any contradictory information is not appreciated by the department of home affairs.

To make the Australian visa application strong one must avoid the mistakes discussed above. Moreover to keep updated about the information of the visa one is applying for and also to know about every little application detail one must consult an authentic migration company like The Migration. It is a registered visa consultancy company that can give you the best advice and can make sure that you are avoiding all commonly made mistakes. We are also offering first free visa consultation so contact our best migration agent in Melbourne to get started with your Australian visa application.

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