Article 370, GST, Surgical Strikes: Is PM Modi Deserves The Bharat Ratna?


Jammu and Kashmir are an integral part of India but has been a bone of contention between Pakistan and India for ages. Every single state and union territory of India comes under one constitution except J&K. Article 370 and article 35 A allows the residents of J&K to have a separate set of laws like their citizenship(they enjoy two citizenships: one of India and one of J&K), ownership of the property(Indian citizens from other states cannot purchase a property in J&K) and other fundamental rights. Many believe this has in part led to increased violence and tension in the region.

The article was long overdue to get abrogated to integrate the valley into India as one. Abrogation of the article was always considered a sensitive issue and many political parties refrained from stepping into the matter. 

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Some leaders in the past are believed to have weighed the pros and cons but used the law of discrimination just to keep their political interests aligned. However, for the very first time, Prime Minister Modi dared to abrogate this article and make J&K an integral part of India. The leader worked on the same and planned everything well keeping the safety of every individual as his top priority. 

Whether we talk about surgical strikes flashing the latest Hindi news apps or the implementation of GST flashing across papers, the PM is known to have made bold moves for the betterment of the country. The leader is known to feel for the countrymen and was disheartened to witness the deadly attack on the country’s brave soldiers. 

When he planned for demonetization, the wave of shock ran across the nation and citizens started panicking. People and the opposition leaders condemned him dismissing the far-reaching positives of demonetization as mere imagination. The PM has made bold moves aiming at putting an end to corruption from India. Demonetization had its flip-sides, and yes the citizens did face difficulties, but the result did benefit the citizens significantly. Momentary hardships have paved the way to a digital economy, giving a sudden upsurge in non-cash transactions across sectors.

The introduction of GST was also a thoughtful act as it will help in reducing multiple point taxation and increase revenues. A uniform tax system has made India a uniform market and has been instrumental in boosting trade, commerce, and exports.

India has the capability, knowledge, and resources to match pace with any of the developed nations. Minor issues plague the country and with proper direction, guidance, and decisive leadership of strong and capable prime minister like Mr. Narendra Modi India is bound to shine. The PM dares to answer and face the consequences. 

Many mistook his policies as just a political gimmick to roar and coin slogans like “Nation First”. The PM has time and again proved himself right by taking bold decisions like demonetization, GST, surgical strikes, abrogation of article370 by reflecting that “Nation First” was not just a slogan but that is exactly what he is aiming at. The strong leader has got every single citizen of India, proud and involved in the betterment of the nation. 

Under the able guidance of the PM, indigenous business and fair trade are flourishing.  The leader has once again instilled pride and a sense of belongingness amongst the citizens. The leader has established cordial ties with world leaders. Many nations like Russia, UAE, Israel, have hours used our PM with one of the highest civilian honors of their nations. Every country in the world is appreciating his efforts, better the position of the nation on global fronts. India’s PM Mr. Narendra Modi surely is a jewel who deserves Bharat Ratna and much more

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