Approach to Building Ridesharing App like Curb


Ride hailing and sharing until a point was synonymous with Uber so as to say. However, gradually, new taxi sharing solutions like Curb entered the picture and thereupon brought a paradigm shift to the world of ridesharing on a whole. 

Thanks to the same especially the ridesharing market is predicted to generate revenue close to around 276 billion dollars by the end of 2025 approximately. 

Introduction to Curb 

The ridesharing platform had its creation in the year 2015 to primarily provide ridesharing and hailing services to the people in and around the USA through its app available to customers on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively. 

So, now you may be wondering what makes Curb stand out from other ride-hailing solutions? Well, here’s the answer to that. 

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What makes the app unique is it makes sure to connect riders to professional drivers only. Also, it does not have any scope of surge pricing, in short meaning the price for a ride from the solution always remains constant so as to say. 

This majorly has gone on to increasing the popularity of this app especially among those keen on building solutions like the one for their new taxi industry. 

To help you with the same we have listed down some points below. This will help you categorically in terms of building a taxi app that offers unique ride experiences to the riders thereby supporting you in the journey to make enormous profits along the way. 

Strategies You Should Follow to Build App like Curb 

  1. Provide mobile experiences to your riders. In short, make sure riders don’t have to put in much effort while booking a ride. A simple tap on their mobile app helps them with the same. 
  2. Incorporate a large number of ride types into your solution so as to support your rider seamlessly find the ride they wish to go in and thereupon cover distances with ease as well as comfort. 
  3. Identify the features that your app will contain so as to leverage and accelerate the ride booking process from your Curb like solution. 
  4. To make sure riders and drivers depend upon you and rely upon you when they need a ride or when providing a ride, ensure you try integrating insurance into your solution. This will promise them safety.
  5. Ensure that your solution is providing access to your drivers to be aware about the ride requests they receive. So, try integrating a ride request feature. This will support them be aware as to when they receive ride requests so as to say. 
  6. Make it easy for your riders and drivers to know the whereabouts of each other and also make it convenient for you as the owner of the taxi business to identify the areas where riders are in plenty. You can do this with a real-time tracking and a god eye view. 

So, make sure you follow these steps when you go on to build an app like Curb for your new taxi business. This will ensure riders and drivers relying upon you and also assure you at the same time that you will make considerable revenue and profit along the way. 

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Archie Cadell is a veteran taxi booking app developer who has worked with some of the top teams of mobile app building across the globe. He is popular amongst technical readers because of his honest and slapstick reviews and detailed blogs like

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