Anthyesti – Providing Necessary Funeral Arrangement and Transportation Services of Deceased Ones

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Death of an individual can be tough upon a family. Decease of an individual can lead to a life full of remorse. An individual has to make various arrangements and take several decisions to carry out the funeral and memorial rites with complete peace and care. Various companies provide services helping individuals tide through such tough times. Anthyesti is one such company providing necessary funeral arrangement services at a low cost. The company serves every type of religious community providing necessary facilities according to one’s preferences and needs. One can opt from various types of services and facilities that the company provides with complete excellence and efficiency.

Anthyesti provides specialized funeral planning services that include the following:

  • Dead body vehicle booking:

Anthyesti helps individuals by arranging for dead body vehicles other transportation services. The company arranges for a vehicle that helps in the dead body transport in Kolkata and other major cities from one place to another. The dead body can be transported from one place to another like from home to cremation ground with complete care and protection. Moreover, the company even arranges for a freezer box, hearse van, and coffin for easy and safe transportation companies of the dead body.     

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  • Appointment of shraadh priests:

The company even arranges for professional shraadh priests and individuals who can carry out memorial and funeral rites with complete peace and care. Priests with experience are appointed who can help carry out the funeral and memorial procession. All the religious communities are served without any discrimination. Moreover, necessary facilities and services are customized according to the needs and preferences of a family and religious community.

  • Planning for funeral and memorial rites in advance:

Anthyesti help to provide necessary services and facilities to make arranging for funeral and memorial rites easy and hassle-free. The company arranges for funeral rites in advance. Individuals and families can relieve themselves by pre-planning the funeral and memorial rites in advance. Anthyesti provides necessary and customizable funeral arrangement plans that help individuals by getting relief from problems associated with arranging for funeral and memorial rites. One can even arrange for a will of the deceased and provide the same to the family of an individual at the time of his or her death.

  • Intercontinental transportation of dead remains and ashes:

Anthyesti Company through its professional and qualified staff even arranges for transportation of dead remains and ashes of the deceased from one place to another. The company even arranges for special arrangements by helping in the completion of all the necessary formalities concerned with transportation of the dead body from continent or country to another. Intercontinental transportation is made easy and hassle-free. Necessary transportation services are provided by making arrangements for rail, road and air transport. The company even arranges for coffin and freezer boxes for providing protection to the dead body. The body is transported with complete care keeping constant vigil upon during transportation.

Anthyesti is treated as the best Dead body carrier service company providing body transport Kolkata and care services. An individual no longer has to worry about taking care of necessary things at the time of death of a dear one. The company provides every type of service that an individual may need for the completion of funeral rites with respect and care.

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