An Easy Hack For Washing Clothes

An Easy Hack For Washing Clothes

Not every one of you has been familiar with “wash bags” or “mesh laundry bags“. A few times back, I also didn’t have any idea about them. However, now after using them, my washing is so sorted and easy, which made me think of introducing them to you all. 

First, let’s know what precisely a Mesh laundry bag is?

It’s an inexpensive and helpful laundry tool which is small in size and is porous, sturdy, and durable polyester bags made from mesh or netting material. This makes it favorable to allow soap and water to pass through it and avoid any other stuff to get in. At the same time, you wash your delicate clothing by putting in them and washing it in the washing machine. 

They either have closures with zipper, net clips, drawstrings, or rubber closures attached to its opening. It helps you place your clothing inside them securely and then wash it in the washing machine.

These bags come in all different sizes to help you wash not only the small-sized clothes but also your dresses, shirts, tops, and other stuff.

How Do They Work?

These wash bags work for your clothes by providing a safety layer between the clothes placed in it and other clothes in your washer. They help you in keeping the laundry separated during the washing and drying cycle.

Why Should You Invest in Them?

  • It will help you avoid straps from getting stretched or having hooks or dresses damaged or getting them in tangled with other garments in the same load.
  • It’s going to help you place your unmentionable undergarments in them before washing them in the washing machine.
  •  You will not face the problem of lost socks as putting them in mesh laundry bags will keep them together.
  • It prevents you from hand washing your certain garments by placing the items in mesh laundry bags to wash with other clothes in the machine safely. However, you should check for wash instructions as laundry bags don’t give you freedom of washing dry clean clothes.
  • When you wash mix wait loads cleaning in the machine you can save your delicate fabrics from getting snags or getting torn by placing them in the mesh laundry bag.
  • It will also help you in washing your woollen separately from other clothes gently which helps you to save its shape. 
  • Moreover, if you use mesh laundry bags of different colors and sizes. It will help you keep clothing separately and ensure no small items getting lost in the crowd while washing.
  • You can also use mesh bags to carry items that benefit from aeration- such as gym clothes, sporting equipment, or diving essentials.

When you have decided you are going to add this convenient laundry tool in your washing schedule than before purchasing or using a mesh laundry bag, you must go through certain steps:

  • You should not purchase wash bags with drawstrings as these strings can easily get tangled and wrapped around other clothes, making them hard to remove. Always opt for bags either with zippers or rubber closures. 
  •  Never fill your mesh laundry bags as your garments need to be able to move around correctly to get cleaned. 
  • Always buy bags of different sizes, as it will help you to wash large clothes and smaller clothes all separately. And it’s never a good idea to wash smaller items in larger bags with large garments.

Types of Mesh Bags

All the laundry bags are differentiated with the type of closure they use, or differ in the quality of materials.

1. Mesh Net Laundry Bags :-

They are made up of 100% polyester material, the thickness of the mesh used in making the bag is responsible for its quality. They are durable and can withstand up to a hundred washes. These bags are good for washing all your delicate clothing.

2. Nylon Laundry Bags :-

They are the most common one used; it’s a human-made material. Generally heavier the material the sturdier. The nylon laundry bags have metal garments inserted into the top of the nylon bag; it allows the bag to be hung for ease of use during the laundry process. They are mainly used in industrial cleaning.

3. Disposable Laundry Bags :-

They are used at hotels; they are made up of poly plastic material, and they can be used only once.

4. Zipper Mesh Laundry Bags :-

They are easy to use, place the items in them zip it, and you are good to go.

5. Rubber Closure Laundry Bags :-

These keep the contents of the mesh bags secure and prevent any damage.

6. Net Clip Laundry Bags :-

They use an alligator clip to secure the clothes in them while getting washed.

After knowing everything about the mesh laundry bags, you must use it for sure and not cry over your lost socks or the undergarments losing its shape.