AOL – American Online, an American Online Service Provider


AOL – American Online, An American online service provider. Since 1983, it is becoming the largest online service and most recognized across the world. Whether you want to email your colleagues, friends or family, browse the internet, play online games, talk, or more, AOL Desktop Gold blends all the things you perceive and love about it with the new technology’s speed and reliability. 

AOL  – American Online Service Provider


The download and installation procedure of the AOL mail application has been streamlined by the professionals. Up-gradation of AOL Desktop Gold happens without interruption, it automatically updates in the background. 

AOL – Download, Installation, and Features 

If you are a Windows 7 user, at least 513 MB of free space is needed in your system in order to download AOL Desktop Gold. Other systems require at least 1GB RAM, 266 Mhz computer processor, internet connection, and 1024×768 screen resolution preferred. Sign in AOL Desktop Gold by downloading, installing, providing the required credentials. 

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AOL mail provides you to personalize font and email options like, change text color and size, add hyperlinks with texts, use emoticons and alternate between fonts. Send and Receive personal data, email addresses, files, images, videos, etc. you can also avail of the offer to bookmark your favorite websites. 

General issues with AOL mail

Despite being one of the best online email service provider, users find genuine problems at times. The problems can be caused due it many things. But, the good part is that all the issues can be fixed just by a simple follow up of the concerned troubleshoot method. Some of the most common errors and their causes are briefed below.

  • AOL Send and Receive error

In this error, an AOL user will not be able to send or receive emails on their AOL account. This error occurs due to the following causes: 

  • Internet connection problem
  • Fault in account configuration. 
  • Problem in SMTP server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)

This error can be resolved by restarting your system, using a different browser, clearing the cache or by disabling antivirus. Know the detailed procedure of how to fix send receive error in AOL mail.

  • AOL email sign in error

Most of the users face sign-in problems, at times it comes from password issues. 

Some of the very common causes are as follows:

  • When a user mistakenly enters the wrong password
  • Forgets the password
  • When the account is hacked by any second person. 

To fix this issue, one of the oldest and best solutions is to turn off and on the system, if this doesn’t work, learn how to change AOL password or to reset it. To reset your AOL mail password, it is important to remember the old one.

  • IMAP problems in AOL mail

If you have trouble accessing AOL Mail via any third-party software, such as Outlook, there must be something wrong with the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) server. To troubleshoot the same error

  • Update your AOL mail password
  • Re-check the IMAP setting of your account
  • Update a new version of your email account

Know how to fix IMAP server settings in AOL mail and fix the error you are facing.

  • Error 1100, Error 1110, Error 1112… in AOL mail

The Error 1100 or Error 1110 is a warning message that you may get when there’s an error in the AOL Mail authentication process. This error occurs mostly due to your browser settings, especially on using an outdated browser. AOL mail’s URL changes from time to time, if the users have bookmarked the old URL and trying to browse through the same, this error will occur. To fix the same error update the new URL and save it.

  • AOL Error: Virus in on your attachment 

When the AOL email scan finds a virus in the file that you are trying to send as an attachment, you will receive the following error message:

‘A virus is found on your attachment….try sending the email again’

The process of fixing this error is very different. Even after cleaning the virus from the respected file, your email will not be sent along with the attachment. The only way to send the same attachment to any recipient is to compose a new email through another email service. 

Learn more details about other several AOL mail errors and their solutions. to get these kind of fixed please be get in touch with the best Technology and Internet blog The Internet Things

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