Amazing Gifts For Every 10 Year Old Girl


If your Lil (not so Lil) one’s birthday is soon approaching and you are facing a major gifting dilemma then here are a few amazing gifts for every 10 year old girl. Your 10 year old daughter, niece or little one is sure to be left mesmerised to the core once you gift her any of these. So go through the list and start your shopping!

List of Amazing Gifts For Every 10 Year Old Girl

  1. Personalised Necklace – She is a girl, so quite obviously she will love a piece of jewellery. So make her feel like a grown-up lady gift her a stunning contemporary piece of jewellery with her name getting personalised on it. Choose gold, silver or rose gold colour, as per what she will like and gift her the same to make her feel that she is no less precious than this piece of jewellery.
  2. Cake, Chocolates And More – Cakes and other sweet treats are every Lil girl’s favourite and your 10-year-old. And when it calls for any celebration like birthdays then there’s no saying to some lip-smacking birthday cake for girls. So, nothing better would seem like a perfect gift for a ten-year-old girl than getting a whole pound of happiness all to herself, that is sure to brighten up her day.
  3. Jar Cakes – If you think that a whole lot of goodness in the form of a pound of cake will be too much and can result in cavities, then opt for a little dose of happiness by choosing jar cakes. Jar cakes are yummy yet appealing and can get in any flavour, that your Lil girl once dreamt of relishing in. Hence, it makes an excellent gift for every 10 years old girl.
  4. Electric Scooter – A smooth ride is what she needs. An electric scooter will engage her in physical activity which is needed for her growth and development, at this age level. Look for an electric scooter with pneumatic tires to ensure that her ride is never bumpy. She can ride it to play along with her friends or as she hits the nearest supermarket to pick some things up, real quick.
  5. Harry Potter Novels – If she has a keen interest in reading novels, then nothing would make a perfect gift for her than a series of Harry Potter novels. Harry Potter is a classic novel that every child must read and gift her this series of the novel to add up to her collection. Let her know for herself what makes this book so special as she enters the wonderful world of this best-loved wizard.
  6. Instant Camera – Owning a gadget of her own is sure to make her one lucky girl. So, make her wishes come true as you gift her an instant camera to document some memories for her lifetime. Look for a fantastic camera which will have features like automatic exposure, macro lens adapter, that all-important selfie mirror, and most importantly, produces photos in an instant. Help her channel out her inner photographer by gifting her something like this.
  7. Hair Chalk – Let her crazy dying phase begin as she becomes a 10 year old girl. If she has a keen interest in hairstyling or being a hairdresser when she grows up then a set of hair chalk will be a perfect gift to encourage her skills and creativity. Let her be the unicorn that she has dreamt of, as she decorates her hair by some harmless, washable colours.

So, these were a few gift ideas to pamper every 10 years old girl on her birthday and other special occasions. Choose any of these gift items to gift her something that she will genuinely love or appreciates getting pampered with.