All you need to know about the Nitrogen Gas Generators and Hydrogen Gas Generators


We all know that the gas Nitrogen does not exist in its purest form in the atmosphere. But for many purposes, we need it in the purest form. So what do we do now? At this point, the Nitrogen gas generator comes into play. These generators are used to extract the purest form of the nitrogen from the atmospheric gases.

Why do we need pure Nitrogen Gas?

Now you must be wondering that why do we even need the pure form of the Nitrogen gas. The answer is not very difficult. There are various chemical processes for which we need Nitrogen gas in its purest form.

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  • Pure Nitrogen gas is used in various chemical industries for various purposes.
  • It is used to make fertilizers.
  • Besides that nitric acid, nylon, and several explosives are created by using pure Nitrogen gas.
  • Furthermore, it is used to preserve the food in the packets.
  • It is used to manufacture the Ammonia on a large scale. You should know that Ammonia is used to manufacture the best fertilizers.
  • Along with that, the liquid Nitrogen is used as a refrigerant as well.
  • Several explosive materials are made up of using Nitrogen.
  • It’s not that pure form of the nitrogen gas is used only in the chemical industries only. It is used in the electronic industry as well.
  • You will be surprised to know that it is used while manufacturing the transistors and the diodes.

These are the top uses of pure Nitrogen; however, these are not limited to these only.

What are the different types of Nitrogen gas generators?

There are two types of generators:

  • One is hollow fibre membrane
  • Pressure swing adsorption

What is a Hydrogen gas generator?

You must be aware of the fact in our atmosphere 78% Nitrogen and 21% oxygen is present. But that is a mixture of gases. We can’t find each gas separately. However, Hydrogen is also there but in a very small percentage. So what do we do when we need hydrogen gas? Hence like the Nitrogen gas analyzer, the Hydrogen gas generator is also used to separate the Hydrogen gas from the mixture of the gases.

What are the uses of a Hydrogen gas?

  • The first use of Hydrogen gas, almost everybody knows. It is used in Haber’s process to make ammonia.
  • After that, it is also used in the process of hydrogenation of fats and oils.
  • You should also know that Hydrogen is used as rocket fuel. It is very significant use of Hydrogen gas.
  • This gas is also used for welding purposes.
  • In the chemical industry, the production of Hydrochloric acid is also done by using Hydrogen gas.
  • Furthermore, it is used in the reduction of metallic ores.

What are the different types of Hydrogen gas generator?

The hydrogen gas generator is also of two types. These are:




So these were the uses of pure Nitrogen and Hydrogen gases.

For these purposes, it becomes necessary to separate these gases from the mixture of the gases. And this work is done by the nitrogen gas generator and the hydrogen gas generator respectively. So, if you want to buy these for commercial purposes, buy from a trustworthy and reliable brand. You need to do it because you are spending a lot of money on the purchase of this equipment.

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