All You Need to Know About the Korean Food – Kimchi

Korean Food

If you have ever dined in any Korean restaurant, you might have found a popular dish called Kimchi on the menu. This is the popular Korean side dish that is loaded with delicious flavours as well as many healthy nutrients. It is a special spicy side dish that is made out of fermented vegetables and mixed with Korean red pepper for flavour and colour. Today, it is consumed commonly by 95% of Koreans across the country and hence it is ingrained deeply into their culture.

This enduring staple from Korean is considered as both a potential source of pride as well as embarrassment because of the strong odour released from the dish. Its odor repulses the throngs of the tourists and people.

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The History of Kimchi

As per the sources, this Korean Food dates back to 37 BCE and 7CE. But its signature red colour was only added to the dish after 16th Century and the colour of the dish is enhanced due to the presence of Korean Red Pepper.

The unique kick of the dish is achieved from the paste made out of chilli powder, ginger and garlic, red pepper and sugar and the noticeable tang of the dish is from the fish sauce.

Where Kimchi can be Found?

It is available everywhere, but mainly in Korean restaurants across the world and also from its place of origin, Korea. In Korea this staple is served in different varieties as every region has developed their own style of preparing this dish. The food capital of Korea, Jeonju specializes in making this food stronger than all other variations by adding special fish sauce. In southeast province the food is seasoned with yellow butterfish and corvine. However, in the Midwest region of Korea has some specialized version of Kimchi.

Even in North Korea, you will find different varieties of same food. Some of them are less spicy, less red and also fermented for longer period for an enhanced taste and smell.

When You Can Eat Kimchi?

Well, there is no particular time to eat this side dish. You can have the traditional side dish year round. But the look and feel of the dish depends on occasion and seasons. Dishes like PaKimchi are served only during spring when green onions are available, OiSobagi in summer and Dongchimi during winters. The BossamKimchi is wrapped and preserved for special occasions.

Why Kimchi is Becoming So Popular?

The only reason for the popularity of this Korean Food is that it is healthy and has many health benefits. This food is known for offering healthy weight loss; improvise the gut health and digestion, while making your skin healthy and supple. This food is loaded with many good probiotics, antioxidants, and Vitamin A/B/C, thereby making it the world’s healthiest food today.

It also claims to treat SARS and other bird flu and even prevents diabetes and heart diseases. Apart from health benefits it also tastes good and many celebs have also expressed their love and dedication for this delicious food and its taste.

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