All you need to know about platform ladders

Indalex 2 step Fibreglass Platform Ladder

A ladder is very simple yet effective equipment that is used for all types of jobs in industries. It is also used in warehouses and by construction and electrical gadget and repairing companies.

But the type of ladders used in industries is significantly different than those of the ladders we use at home. The industries and warehouses mostly use a platform ladder.

Platform ladders- commercial use ladders

The platform ladders are ladders that are extensively used in commercial settings. They come in all shapes and sizes as well. There are two differences that you will see in a platform ladder and other ladders-

The platform ladders come with a platform at the top

These ladders are extensively used in factories, industries, and even in the construction of bridges and buildings. The significant difference is that big platform at the top of the ladder. This provides for easier and more comfortable while working on the top platform.

While working at the top the person can move freely as there is enough space. This provides flexibility in work and better focus and concentration on the work being done rather than having to worry about falling or slipping out.

The sides of the platforms and the stairs have guards or rails to provide safety

If you have seen a platform ladder this is also the significant thing that you will notice. As these ladders are used in commercial outside environments the workers will need to be given more safety. Due to this the platform and the ladder steps have guard rails that ensure that the person does not fall from the top while coming down the stairs. These rails are for better grip and support to a person at the top of the ladder.

Cost of a platform ladder

If you need a commercial ladder for use then the best option is to buy a platform ladder. The platform ladders are costlier than the normal ladders that we generally see around us. But why is this?

Here are three factors responsible for this-

The height of the ladder

The ladder height is one of the topmost priorities for a ladder buyer. It is the height that has to be exact so that the person working on the top can be able to reach the materials or substances.

The more the height of a ladder the more the price

This is because there are more planning and designing requirements behind platform ladders that have to be ensured. It is a piece of engineering equipment that is used for a variety of commercial uses.

The load-bearing capacity of the ladder

In the commercial industries, the ladders have to be significantly strengthened to ensure that they can support the expected weight. For this, the manufacturers ensure that the best quality steel is used for making the ladders. But this also makes them heavier.

Generally, you will find that the ladders come with a load-bearing capacity or the maximum load capacity that is engraved or mentioned in labels on the body of the platform ladder.

The more the load-bearing capacity the more the price. This is because the heavyweight ladders are used by the construction companies, electrical lamppost, and transformer repairing companies, etc.

The constituent material

The better quality of stainless steel will ensure that the ladder is more structurally stable and does not break or bent under a huge amount of load. The ladder manufacturers use different grades of steel for this. The better quality of steel will cost you more.

The mobility factor of the platform ladders

The platform ladders are usually mobile themselves. As they are huge they require special commercial vehicles to be carried. Once it is put to the ground these ladders are mobile as they come with castor wheels fitted to the bottom. This ensures that the ladder can be manually pushed to the place of work.

Where to buy platform ladders?

You can buy platform ladders online or go to a shop. But make sure to know all the specifications and the exact details such as the height of your work, the load capacity, and other things.

You can order online as there are a host of websites that will provide delivery of the platform ladder to your exact location.