All You Need to Know About Home Base Business in Dubai

All You Need to Know About Home Base Business in Dubai

Starting a home base business in Dubai is different than starting one in other parts of the world. You will need to have a valid residence visa, and you’ll be required to maintain that visa for at least five years if you’re from an Arab country or six months if you’re from elsewhere. In addition, many people who live here are not allowed to work- including children. This blog post will cover everything you might want to know about running your own business in this location!

Most people who want to start a business setup in AbuDhabi will be running an Internet marketing business. This is because it is very straightforward, you can set things up cheaply, and you can work from anywhere!

Step 1: Find a Business Partner You might wish to find a business partner for your new venture. This will help make the business feel more like a legitimate company, and also keep you motivated!

If you’re thinking of finding someone to run your home business with, then there are several things that you should know before you get started. Firstly, don’t be tempted to split the profits too deeply- if you do this, it could end up creating lots of disputes between you and your business partner.

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Step 2: Buy a Business License When you own a home-based business in Dubai, then you will need to buy a business license from the government. It’s important that you do this as soon as possible because if you don’t have all of the right paperwork, then it could cause problems for your future growth. Make sure that you’re aware of the types of licenses that your company will need in order to operate, and then get them as soon as possible!

Step 3: Decide If You Need a Factory License Some small businesses are required to have a factory license, while others don’t. We recommend that you check with business support if you have any doubts about this. You’ll need to buy a factory license if your business is large enough, or if you’re making any hazardous products.

Step 4: Get Your Commercial License – If Necessary Some small home-based businesses don’t require commercial licenses. But in general, it’s important that you check with the local authorities about this before you buy your business license. If you need a commercial license, then it’s important that you follow through and get one as soon as possible because if you don’t have the correct paperwork, then your business could face serious penalties.

Step 5: Contact Your Local Authority You’ll be required to contact your local authority no matter what kind of home-based business you run. It’s important that you keep them up to date about your company, and let them know about any future plans for your business so that they can advise you on the best process to follow.

Step 6: Find a Local Warehouse or Office If you’re going to have a fixed location for your home-based business, then it is important that you are aware of the legal requirements surrounding this. While it’s not essential, it can be a very good idea if you have things such as stock, products or equipment that you want to protect from theft. It can also help your business feel more legitimate and professional.

Step 7: Register Your Company You’ll need to register your company if you want to open a home-based business in Dubai. If the name that you have chosen for your firm is already taken, then it can be difficult to change later on. So once you’ve decided on a good company name, make sure that it’s not one that will trip up potential customers when they’re searching online.

Step 8: Draft Your Articles of Association It’s important that you draft your articles of association as soon as possible if you want to open a home-based business in Dubai. This is the document that will be used to govern your company and should state the rules for how everyone will operate on an everyday basis.

Step 9: Create Your Standard Operating Procedures It’s very important that you draft your standard operating procedures if you want to open a home-based business in Dubai. This is a document that will outline the rules for all of the employees and workers on your team, and should make it easier for everyone to work together more effectively!

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Have you been looking to start your own home base business in Dubai but are unsure where and how to get started? If so, this guide is for you! We’ve compiled all the information that will help ensure a successful launch of your new venture. From navigating UAE law on starting a company to understanding what it means when people say “residence visa”, we have covered everything you need to know about running a home-based business in Dubai. As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns along the way – our team would be happy to chat with you over Skype if needed!

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