All You Need To Know About Bag Gloves

Photo taken in Bangkok, Thailand

Combat sports are one of the most intriguing, and at the same time, it’s filled with dicey challenges. In general, when we look around, not many people are into these kinds of sports.

But WHY?

The main reason is, it can lead to long term injuries, and this fear stops many enthusiasts from stepping in. Many advanced forms of gloves range from punching bag’s gloves to fighting gloves by keeping the safety in mind. Therefore, the trouble is in making the right choices depending upon the tasks we will perform.

Here in the further discussion, we’ll be stressing the types of bag gloves and into which type of circumstances it can be used.

Bag gloves are smaller in size over boxing gloves, and as their name states, they are specifically designed for punching bags.

Now we’ll take a peek into the various types of bag gloves; we can also call them training gloves and how their design makes them stand out from the others.

Bag Gloves
Bag Gloves

Basic Bag Gloves

These are usually used in gyms and fitness studios. They are made for the gym workouts, not for the hard-core boxing training. They are made up of flexible material at the wrist, and the rest is of leather. It is a good choice of those who are using these punching bags as a part of the fitness workout session and beware of using it for harder hits as it won’t be able to uphold the resistance, and you might end up with wrist injuries.

Gel Padded Gloves

These gloves provide a better shield than the gym gloves. These types are mainly falling into quick wraps, though the traditional cotton wraps have their significance. These neoprene filled gel wraps have created their eminence. They provide wholesome protection to the knuckles and the wrist. The gel acts as a flexible shock absorbent to bear the heavy impact forces too. Apart from supporting and protecting the wrist and knuckles, it also imparts the ameliorate grip. The above-listed features clearly state that these gloves could be a suitable pick up for the amateurs and professionals.

Fighting style bag gloves

Usually, when we use the specifically designed gloves, we might end up either damaging the glove’s structure or our own body, but it’s not the same with the fighting styled bag gloves, they are known for their versatility. These gloves can be used for jumbo punching bags and also for practice fights as boxing gloves. The framework of these gloves is a confined structure with the coarsely cushioned thumb, and yes, they are partially heavier than gym gloves. The boxers can also use these gloves, who are naive in this sport, also called white-collar boxers.

Apart from knowing about the different types of gloves, it is also crucial to keep some additional points:

Size of the glove – The lighter ones are meant for lightweight fighting, whereas the hefty ones are used as punching bag gloves. The heavy gloves directly resemble more layers of pads resulting in more safety.

Usage – In general, people use the same glove for heavy punching bags and boxing, which reduces the glove’s lifetime, though it might be an expensive deal. It’ll fetch you in the long run.

Safety – Sometimes, people blame the product’s quality, it might be one of the reasons, but the right technique is also a prime aspect to consider. Using the wraps, knuckles and wrist guard decently will be helping hand in avoiding unwanted injuries.

Ensure that you choose the right type of bag gloves that fits well and protects your hands.