All about Cannabidiol and it’s benefits


Cannabidiol or CBD oil is that product which is derived from the cannabis plant. It’s made of cannabinoid which are the chemicals naturally found in the marijuana plants. CBD doesn’t give a high effect or any kind of intoxication per se. That is the job of another cannabinoid which is called THC. 

A lot of controversy surrounds any cannabis product like CBD oil since marijuana is used recreationally. This is why when you Google CBD shop near me, you tend to not get a lot of results. 

 However there is slowly a growing awareness that surrounds the health benefits that come with CBD oil. Given below are a few pointers that you need to know that involve the medical uses associated with CBD and where the research involved with, stands currently. 

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  • For anxiety relief.  CBD is great for managing anxiety. Researchers say that it changes the way the brain’s receptors react to serotonin which is a chemical in association with mental health. Tiny proteins attached to your cells are receptors. They receive chemical messages and then those cells respond to different kinds of stimuli. A study found that a dosage of 600mg of CBD does a great job at helping people who have social anxiety, go and give a speech on stage. Other studies performed on animal’s show that CBD helps in relieving anxiety by reducing the physiological effects that come with anxiety like an increased heart rate.
  • It reduces stress. 
  • Improves the symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder. 
  • It starts inducing sleep when it comes to insomnia. 
  • Helps with seizures 

CBD has been in news for a very long time as a possible solution for epilepsy. Research right now is in the early stages. Researchers are slowly testing how much of CBD is actually required to reduce epilepsy attack seizures and how safe it really is. 

Many researchers have conducted studies on CBD in the recent past. In a recent study, the participants added oral doses of 2-5mg CBD every day, along with their anti epilepsy medicines. The study’s researchers did the job of monitoring the people participating and recorded side effects and checked on all kinds of negative side effects associated with it. In total, all the participants combined had 36% lesser seizures over the month. This however came with a few side effects as well which were seen in 12 percent of the participants. 

How does one use CBD oil?

CBD is usually extracted from the marijuana plant, either in a powder form or an oil form. It’s then further mixed into a gel formula or a cream formula. This is then either taken orally or used as a rub on the skin. Most of the times it comes in capsule form. All of this can be found if you try buying wholesale CBD oils online. The way CBD is used depends heavily on what exactly are its uses. Have a word with the doctors before you intake CBD oil. It might or might not suit you. It’s not approved by the Food and Drug Administration in USA but it’s shown some brilliant, life changing effects in a lot of people. 

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