AirPods Pro: the reasons you will want the new Apple headphones


Apple has significantly improved its headphones with improvements in audio and noise cancellation. Of course, the price also goes up.

I have been testing Apple’s new headphones, the Airpods Pro, for a couple of weeks, and they have pleasantly surprised me. Until now, getting good audio quality on these types of button devices was not an easy task and, except for a couple of devices, the noise cancellation was quite poor.

Apple has proposed to improve its Airpods (1 and 2) and has achieved it. Since their headphones went on sale, criticism about audio quality has been a constant. Despite this, the Airpods have become the best selling wireless headphones in the world. Dozens of Chinese copies show that Apple has turned its helmets into an object of desire and, according to some experts, are a sign of high purchasing power.

If success depended on the number of Asian copies, the AirPods Pro go the same way as their younger siblings. And if you look at the price, if the previous ones denoted ‘upper class’, these will mean 100 $ more.

I summarize below Airpod2´s strengths:

Noise Cancellation. Being able to isolate yourself from the world and listen only to what you want to hear. This could be a definition of walking at home of what noise cancellation means, a new feature that Apple has endowed with its new AirPods and, surely, the best they have. The technology used for this is not new (see the video that I explain) but the result. The insulation that is achieved with the AirPods Pro is very good and thanks to some slots placed in the headphones, the pressure of the ear is compensated and the feeling of anguish or dizziness that usually appears when you do not hear well around you is eliminated.

Do not miss anything.This isolation from the outside world is not very advisable in some situations, so Apple incorporates the option to remove it. The change between the ‘noise cancellation’ and ‘transparency’ mode is what is called active cancellation, that is, being able to choose so that in certain situations it is possible to be listening to ambient noise and music or one call at a time. In addition, a third option, called Disabled, becomes a middle ground between the two, although in my opinion, it is the least recommended.

Pads for everyone. Few ears resemble each other and Apple has wanted both users with small and larger ears to be happy with their headphones. To do this, the box of the new AirPods includes three types of pads, size S, M and L, and a new option in the Bluetooth options to check if the adjustment of each of them is appropriate to the size of Your ears. Of course, if you are not very fond of headphones with pads, it will cost you to get used to it (as is my case).

Touch sensor in the headset. As in the AirPods 2, in the Pro it is possible to invoke Siri with a simple ‘Hey, Siri’, and ask the Apple assistant to turn the volume up or down or to tell you who is calling. But the AirPods needed a control on the headphones themselves so that users who do not want to talk to Siri can perform a series of actions from the headset. In the AirPods Pro a touch zone is included in the pin from which it is possible to pick up calls, change the listening mode or stop the music.

A much improved audio quality. As if that were not enough, they sound better. Apple has opted for adaptive sound equalization, which adjusts the music to the anatomy of your ear, in addition to the bass has improved considerably.