Nicknames for Tiffany


There has always been a debate if Tiffany is an old name or a new one; it’s a timeless choice. Choosing a nickname that reflects someone’s personality is importance too. However, Tiffany has always been a popular name; thus, parents, grandparents, spouses, and friends have looked forward to picking the best nickname for Tiffany. And why shouldn’t they? Every Tiffany deserves a chic, classic, and sometimes witty nickname.

The name was so popular in the US in the late 1900s, that thousands of parents named their girls “Tiffany,” reaching a high of 18,361 in 1988. Even today, Tiffany is among the top 1,000 baby names in the US.

What does Tiffany Mean?

Tiffany comes from the Greek name “Theophania,” translating to Revelation of God, and is a common name for girls.

The name is a combination of two words, “theos” and “phainein;” Theos means God, while Phainein means to show something. Thus, the name “Theophania” means the revelation of God, modified to Tiffany in English.

Besides the US, variations of Theophania are also famous in French. Tiphanie and Tifinie have been names of choice among the Old French. It later became Tiffany when Anglo communities started taking an interest in the name.

Tiffany is a prevalent name among strictly religious families. It is not only because of its meaning but also its connection to the Christian Feast of the Epiphany, celebrating the birth of Christ (Epiphany also comes from Theophany). Many Christian families prefer and associate this name with celebration and hope. Parents give this name to girls born on January 6 or around the Feast of the Epiphany to commemorate the occasion.

However, the name does not appear in the Bible directly opposed to what people often wonder about. It is an adaptation from the Greek and Latin roots. But you can see Theophany, a theological concept in the Christian and Hebrew Bible.

Nicknames for Tiffany

Unique Nicknames

  • Tiffarella
  • Finny
  • Tizz
  • Elphie
  • Tinker
  • Phia
  • TeeTee
  • Fanny
  • Tiffanator
  • Thea

Funny Nicknames

  • Tifflesaurus
  • Tiffy McTifferson
  • Tiffle Wiffl
  • Tiffster the Gifted
  • Tiffopotamus
  • Tiffaroo
  • Tiffnado
  • Tiffleberry
  • Tifflesocks
  • Tiffletron

Catchy Nicknames

  • TiffyGems
  • Tiffinity
  • Tiffari
  • Tiffix
  • Tiffala
  • Tiffaro
  • Tiffadora
  • Tiffique
  • Tiffiesta
  • Tiffaroony

Elegant Nicknames

  • Tiffana
  • Tiffalina
  • Tiffalise
  • Tiffabelle
  • Tiffanya
  • Tiffelina
  • Tiffalyn
  • Tiffelise
  • Tiffalita
  • Tiffalara

Endearing Nicknames

  • Tiffybear
  • Tiffyboo
  • Tiffypie
  • Tiffybug
  • Tiffykins
  • Tiffypop
  • Tiffypuff
  • Tiffylove
  • Tiffyheart
  • Tiffysweet

Trendy Nicknames

  • Tiffixie
  • TiffyVibe
  • TiffNova
  • TiffZen
  • TiffLuxe
  • TiffMaven
  • TiffFusion
  • TiffDash
  • TiffNexa
  • TiffRyze

Vintage Nicknames

  • TiffieLou
  • TiffyBelle
  • TiffyMae
  • TiffyMay
  • TiffieBeth
  • TiffyJo
  • TiffieAnn
  • TiffyLouise
  • TiffieLee
  • TiffieRae

Playful Nicknames

  • TiffleFreckle
  • TiffleSpark
  • TiffyDoodle
  • TiffyBounce
  • TiffleGiggles
  • TiffyFizz
  • TiffleWhiskers
  • TiffyWiggle
  • TiffleBubbles
  • TiffyChirp

Remember, choosing a nickname is a personal and fun process, and the best nickname for Tiffany is the one that feels most fitting and endearing to her personality.

When did Tiffany Become Famous?

Tiffany’s is one of the most favorite and beloved brands for jewelry, and women love to have their jewelry. You might be surprised that the name did not become popular after the famous jewelry brand.

The name peaked in the 1980s after Tiffany Darwish’s song “I Think We’re Alone Now” topped the charts. It popularized the name and led to making it among the best choices for baby girls’ names. Furthermore, the reality TV star Tiffany Pollard also contributed to the fame.

The Bottom Line

Tiffany is a beautiful and popular name, especially among Christian families. It originates from the Greek word “Theophania,” meaning “Revelation of God.” The name was then modified by the Anglo community to “Tiffany” and peaked in popularity in the US in the 1980s. Theophany is also related to Epiphany, and many parents give this name to girls born on January 6 or nearby the Feast of the Epiphany. Pick a fun name for Tiffany from those listed above; we’re sure she’ll love it!


Is Tiffany a cute name?

Yes, Tiffany is a super cute and sweet name, especially after the popularity of Tiffany’s. Even people who did not appreciate the name previously love it now!

What is short for Tiffany?

Tiffany has so many short nickname choices, including Fannie, Fanny, Fan, Phany, Teph, Tee, Taffy, and more!

Is there a male version of Tiffany?

As the name Tiffany comes from the Greek version, “Theophania,” “Theophanes” can be the male version of Tiffany. However, there is no masculine version of Tiffany in English.

What is the Tiffany name problem?

While the name is gorgeous on its own, you cannot use the name Tiffany in novels as the name relates to historical facts from religion, and the readers may misinterpret the situation. Thus, science fiction and fantasy author Jo Walton coined the term “The Tiffany Problem.”